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SYNO demigod | superman | Ubermensch
Übermensch {m}
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Übersetzung für 'ubermensch' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Übermensch {m}philos.
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  • On the eve of the book's publication, van den Bruck inserted a preface in which he wrote, "The Third Reich is but a philosophical idea and not for this world, but for the hereafter. Germany could well perish dreaming the Third Reich dream". To pursue the philosophical idea, he believed that Germany would need an "Übermensch" of the type described by Nietzsche but that the individual was not Adolf Hitler or anyone else living.
  • "Rock'n'Roll-Übermensch" (also spelled "Rock'n'Roll Übermensch") (Rock'n'roll Superman) is a song by the German rock band Die Ärzte. It is the 18th track and the fourth single from their 2000 album "Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer!".
  • Nietzsche celebrated Goethe as an actualisation of the Übermensch.
  • Though Nietzsche did use the term "Übermensch", "nowhere" in his works does he use the contrary "Untermensch" that in the 20th century became a notorious concept in the racist Nazi ideology, that was used for races that it perceived "inferior", like Jews, gypsies and Slavs. Nietzsche was not a nationalist, explicitly despised the German culture and also called himself an "anti-antisemite".
  • The last man (...) is a term used by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" to describe the antithesis of his theorized superior being, the "Übermensch", whose imminent appearance is heralded by Zarathustra. The last man is the archetypal passive nihilist. He is tired of life, takes no risks, and seeks only comfort and security. Therefore, The Last Man is unable to build and act upon a self-actualized ethos.

  • In 2000 the debut album "Scream of the Mourning Star" was released in Poland by Metal Mind Records and worldwide via Relapse Records. The album was enthusiastically reviewed by critics and fans. Two years later, in May 2002 Lost Soul signed another contract with Empire Records for the release of their second album "Übermensch (Death of God)". This one hit the stores in August and several months later Osmose Productions released this one worldwide.
  • Author Stephen Newman compares the Randian hero to the concept of the Übermensch created by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, saying that "the Randian hero is really Nietzsche's superman in the guise of the entrepreneur".
  • After a long hiatus from 2000 onwards, the band had a big comeback in 2007 with their album "Übermensch" that topped the VG-lista, a Norwegian albums chart and the single "Aldri mer" taken from the album making it to number five in the Norwegian singles chart. The follow-up album "Shit Happens" also made it to number on the VG-lista chart.
  • During the "Infinite Crisis" storyline, Übermensch and Sea Wolf appear as members of Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains.
  • In the late period of his work, Savchenko focused on the biological side of the phenomenon of the Übermensch, as can be seen in the story "Confused" (1983). Also widely known is the novel "Over the Pass" (1984), which explored the Communist future of Earth.

  • "Odd John: A Story Between Jest and Earnest" is a 1935 science fiction novel by the British author Olaf Stapledon. The novel explores the theme of the "Übermensch" (superman) in the character of John Wainwright, whose supernormal human mentality inevitably leads to conflict with normal human society and to the destruction of the utopian colony founded by John and other superhumans.
  • The album "Knightfall" by Swedish band Silent Images, is based on the "Batman: Knightfall" story arc, with Bane cast as a central character. Throughout the course of the album and its lyrics, he is referred to as "The Venomous One", and is depicted as a militaristic Übermensch, with an uncanny and almost homoerotic connection to Batman.
  • Karl August Bleibtreu (January 13, 1859 – January 30, 1928) was a German writer who promoted naturalism in German literature. He was noted for his aggressive and dogmatic style of criticism, linked to a nationalistic and sometimes antisemitic agenda. His later work was heavily influenced by Nietzsche's theory of the übermensch.
  • Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of an "Übermensch" ("Overman") was that of a New Man who would be a leader by example to humanity through an existentialist will to power that was vitalist and irrationalist in nature. Nietzsche developed the concept in response to his view of the herd mentality and inherent nihilism of Christianity, and the void in existential meaning that is realized with the death of God. Übermensch is the goal of humanity and the world-focused will of the Übermensch emerges as the new meaning of life on Earth, a norm-repudiating individual who overcomes himself and is the master in control of his impulses and passions.
  • Some analysts (including Paul Simpson and "The Guardians Will Dean) draw parallels between the song and Friedrich Nietzsche's "Übermensch" concept.

  • The distinct cabaret atmosphere was sketched by Otto Julius Bierbaum in his 1897 novel "Stilpe", which inspired Wolzogen in the foundation of the "Überbrettl". He chose the initial name both to parody Friedrich Nietzsche's "Übermensch" concept and to contrast the widespread "Brettl" (i.e. "(stage-)board") variety shows without further artistic ambitions.
  • Orage explored his new ideas in several books. He saw Nietzsche's "Übermensch" as a metaphor for the "higher state of consciousness" sought by mystics and attempted to define a route to this higher state, insisting that it must involve a rejection of civilisation and conventional morality. He moved through a celebration of Dionysus to declare that he was in favour, not of an ordered socialism, but of an anarchic movement.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche, who was strongly influenced by Schopenhauer, is also often cited as an example of misanthropy. He saw man as a decadent and "sick animal" that constitutes no progress over other animals. [...] He held that the human being is something to be overcome and replaced by what he calls the Übermensch.
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