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NOUN   ubiquitination | -
Ubiquitinierung {f}
ubiquitination machinery
Ubiquitinierungs­maschinerie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'ubiquitination' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Ubiquitinierung {f}biochem.biol.

ubiquitination machinery
Ubiquitinierungs­maschinerie {f}biochem.
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  • ATG 7 is often associated with ATG12/ ATG5 sequenced ubiquitination cascade. As well in presence of p53 cell cycle pathways during stressed and nutrient poor environments.
  • FBXL5 is an iron sensor. It promotes IRP2 ubiquitination and then its degradation.
  • To avoid IFN production, the non structural protein (NS1) of influenza will interact with CCD domain of TRIM25 to block RIG-I ubiquitination.
  • Evidence showed that ATPase subunit Rpt5, along with other ubuiqintinated 19S proteasome subunits (Rpn13, Rpn10) and the deubiquitinating enzyme Uch37, can be ubiquitinated in situ by proteasome-associating ubiquitination enzymes.
  • This protein plays an important role in protein degradation and protein ubiquitination.

  • Scientists have discovered other ubiquitination sites in recent years, but they are not well studied or understood at this time.
  • Using an shRNA screen, USP44 was identified to stabilize the inhibition of APC/C The binding of CDC20 to APC/C is required for the ubiquitination of securin.
  • DCAF11/WDR23 is the E3 ligase that specifically targets proteins for degradation via ubiquitination.
  • "Homo sapiens" FAM237A is additionally predicted to contain two sites of ubiquitination at amino acids 179 and 181 on its sequence.
  • There are predicted ubiquitination sites at lysine residues at positions 128 and 139.

  • CEF scientists also revealed the molecular mechanism of a novel type of phosphoribosyl-linked serine ubiquitination by the effector SdeA of the pathogen "Legionella", which is very different from the canonical lysine-based ubiquitination mechanism.
  • There are four verified ubiquitination sites and three verified phosphorylation sites.
  • The interplay between ubiquitination and phosphorylation has been an ongoing research interest since phosphorylation often serves as a marker where ubiquitination leads to degradation.
  • PYR-41 also blocks the downstream ubiquitination and ubiquitination-dependent protein degradation or other ubiquitination-mediated cellular activities.
  • On application of various stresses, CerS1 turns over rapidly by ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation, suggesting that it has a short half life.

  • The MPN superfamily contributes to ubiquitination and de-ubiquitination activity within the cell.
  • K48 ubiquitination initiates degradation of the proteins, and could allow for passive mitochondrial degradation.
  • There are three mains types of DVL post-translational modification - phosphorylation, ubiquitination, and methylation.
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