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ubiquitous useumfassende Nutzung {f}
ubiquitous useflächendeckender Einsatz {m}
ubiquitous useallgegenwärtiger Gebrauch {m}
ubiquitous {adj}
ubiquitär [geh. od. fachspr.] [überall verbreitet]
ubiquitous {adj}
überall vorkommend [ubiquitär]
ubiquitous {adj}omnipräsent [geh.]
ubiquitous {adj}allgegenwärtig
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
ubiquitäre Computernutzung {f}
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
ubiquitäres Computing {n}
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
Rechnerallgegenwart {f}
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
allgegenwärtiges Rechnen {n}
ubiquitous sun, sea and sandallgegenwärtige Sonne, Meer und Sand
Sandstone is ubiquitous in this district.Sandstein ist in dieser Gegend überall zu finden.
use conforming with the binding land-use planbebauungs­planmäßige Nutzung {f}
use synonym <USE/SYN> [ISO 2788]benutze Synonym <BS> [DIN 1463-1]
Sterile hypodermic syringes for single use - Part 4: Syringes with re-use prevention feature [ISO 7886-4:2006]
Sterile Einmalspritzen {pl} für medizinische Zwecke - Teil 4: Spritzen mit Vorrichtung zur Verhinderung der Wiederverwendung [ISO 7886-4:2006]
ubiquitous peaclam / pea clam [Pisidium casertanum, syn.: P. (Cyclocalyx) casertanum]
Gemeine Erbsenmuschel {f}
useNutzung {f}
to usebefahren [Straße etc.]
useGebrauch {m} [Benutzung]
to usegebrauchen [benutzen]
useVerwendungs­zweck {m}
useGebrauchen {n}
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  • As a consequence of the ubiquitous use of number 8 wire in New Zealand, remote farms often had rolls of number 8 wire on hand, and the wire would often be used inventively and practically to solve mechanical or structural problems other than fencing.
  • Although likely not as prolific in methamphetamine cooking as the CJNG, the Sinaloa Cartel still has major methamphetamine operations throughout North America, which includes Mexico itself due to the now ubiquitous use of meth in the country.
  • Match cuts form the basis for continuity editing, such as the ubiquitous use of match on action.
  • A ubiquitous use of unpredictable random numbers is in cryptography, which underlies most of the schemes which attempt to provide security in modern communications (e.g., confidentiality, authentication, electronic commerce, etc.).
  • The kick harness is named for its most ubiquitous use in arcades: the additional kick buttons in the game Street Fighter II.

  • Despite its ubiquitous use in the sport at the time, Rice considered CO2 a "dirty gas", so the Angel used miniaturized components that could not withstand impurities in the air or the cooling effects of CO2.
  • In fact, due to the ubiquitous use of these algorithmic systems at both state and private sector level, children's privacy can easily be violated and they can be personally identifiable in the digital sphere.
  • The term is most commonly used in the context of Western classical music and opera, in line with the ubiquitous use of Italian musical terms.
  • The impact is everlasting with the ubiquitous use of cameras for surveillance over the Internet nowadays with a $50 billion market.
  • This is how medicines such as herbal remedies are understood, and explains the ubiquitous use of mundane objects in religious ritual.

  • Due to the handling difficulty, the need for more space efficiency, and the near ubiquitous use of liquid-cooled engines in modern cars, most manufacturers have abandoned the RR layout.
  • Notable exceptions to the ubiquitous use of wood include the Yaodong, the traditional homes of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces which were cut into soft loess rocks into mountainsides, Lingnan architecture, which is generally of green brick construction, and the Tulou, traditional Hakka walled villages in Fujian and Guangdong which were built largely out of brick and earth.
  • As with mainframe computing, the availability of these machines did not significantly affect the ubiquitous use of the slide rule until cheap hand-held scientific electronic calculators became available in the mid-1970s, at which point it rapidly declined.
  • It is also the reason that he shuns the ubiquitous use of Macs in modern graphic design and instead relies on Corel Draw on PC.
  • While these strap-on dildos originally offered new ways of thinking about gender and sexuality, their ubiquitous use risked losing their subversive power.

  • The big dominant build-up to the climax is quite awe-inspiring both in its length (14 bars) and its ubiquitous use of dotted rhythms.
  • Woodson , author of the original Human Engineering Guide for Equipment Designers, 1954, widely known for its ubiquitous use in military and aerospace applications of human factors engineering concepts and principles.
  • Peterson was averse to the nickname in later years, associating it with superficiality; however, the ubiquitous use of the name still persists.
  • However, the QIF model is incredibly easy to implement and compute, and relatively straightforward to study and understand, thus has found ubiquitous use in computational neuroscience [...].
  • Despite their ubiquitous use, it seems that there is no text listing all the properties of Wirtinger derivatives: however, fairly complete references are the short course on multidimensional complex analysis by [...] , the monograph of [...] , and the monograph of [...] which are used as general references in this and the following sections.

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