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ADJ   ubiquitous | - | -
SYNO omnipresent | ubiquitous
ubiquitous {adj}allgegenwärtig
ubiquitous {adj}omnipräsent [geh.]
ubiquitous {adj}
ubiquitär [geh. od. fachspr.] [überall verbreitet]
ubiquitous {adj}
überall vorkommend [ubiquitär]
2 Wörter
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
Rechnerallgegenwart {f}
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
ubiquitäres Computing {n}
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
allgegenwärtiges Rechnen {n}
ubiquitous computing <ubicomp>
ubiquitäre Computernutzung {f}
ubiquitous useumfassende Nutzung {f}
ubiquitous useflächendeckender Einsatz {m}
ubiquitous useallgegenwärtiger Gebrauch {m}
5+ Wörter
Sandstone is ubiquitous in this district.Sandstein ist in dieser Gegend überall zu finden.
ubiquitous sun, sea and sandallgegenwärtige Sonne, Meer und Sand
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
ubiquitous peaclam / pea clam [Pisidium casertanum, syn.: P. (Cyclocalyx) casertanum]
Gemeine Erbsenmuschel {f}
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  • His research interests lie at the intersection of human–computer interaction and ubiquitous computing, focusing on how to make novel technologies more usable and useful.
  • Creatine kinase, mitochondrial 1B also known as CKMT1B is one of two genes which encode the ubiquitous mitochondrial creatine kinase (ubiquitous mtCK or CKMT1).
  • Ubiquitous robot is a term used in an analogous way to ubiquitous computing.
  • These aspects of domain-driven design aim to foster a "common language" shared by domain experts, users, and developers—the "ubiquitous language".
  • The origins of pervasive gaming are related to the concepts of pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing and ubiquitous gaming.

  • Over time, electric lighting became ubiquitous in developed countries.
  • Interactive program guides are nearly ubiquitous in most broadcast media today.
  • The Iranian identity card is ubiquitous.
  • The following notation is now nearly ubiquitous in duality theory.
  • Asexual reproduction in the first larval stage is ubiquitous.

  • However, it is hard to fix a closed set of properties that define all ubiquitous computing devices because of the sheer range and variety of ubiquitous computing research and applications.
  • Methane is ubiquitous in crustal fluid and gas.
  • Expression of the ACOT9 is ubiquitous throughout the tissues in humans.
  • School uniforms are ubiquitous across Zambian government and private schools.
  • T-Engine Forum is a non-profit organization which develops an open standard for real time embedded system development and to develop ubiquitous computing environment.

  • "Personal and Ubiquitous Computing" is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that was established in 1997.
  • Context awareness, geographic awareness, and ubiquitous cartography or Ubiquitous Geographic Information (UBGI) all contribute to the understanding of spatial contextual awareness.
  • Along the lines of a more collaborative modality is something called ubiquitous computing.
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