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ubiquitously {adv}allgegenwärtig
ubiquitously {adv}allewege [veraltet, noch regional]
ubiquitously {adv}allerwege [veraltet, noch regional]
ubiquitously {adv}allerwegs [veraltet, noch regional]
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  • ZNF280D is ubiquitously expressed at relatively low levels throughout almost all tissues in the human body.
  • The boule-like protein appears to be ubiquitously expressed in males of all animal species, except in the most primitive trichoplax.
  • "ATXN2" is ubiquitously expressed in different tissues. Within individual cells, it localizes to the Golgi apparatus and stress granules.
  • In mammals, d1 (ATP6V0D1) is the ubiquitously expressed version and d2 (ATP6V0D2) is expressed in specific cell types only.
  • A GEO multiple normal tissue profile revealed that FAM98C is ubiquitously expressed, though not uniformly expressed.

  • According to RNA-seq data from Human Protein Atlas, SMIM19 has ubiquitously medium to high expression in all tissues with low specificity.
  • The theorem and its consequences are used ubiquitously in functional analysis, often used without being explicitly mentioned.
  • CDV3 is ubiquitously expressed, and at relatively high levels, in all tissues examined in the humans. Higher expression existed in certain diseases.
  • The word appears ubiquitously in Persian literature. Some early usages can be seen in Vis and Ramin and Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh.
  • C21orf58 ortholog in mouse 2610028H24Rik was found to be ubiquitously expressed at high levels throughout the mouse brain.

  • Microarray data has shown C8orf82 to be ubiquitously expressed.
  • The gene ubiquitously found in humans and is highly conserved across animals.
  • BLOC-3 or biogenesis of lysosome-related organelles complex 3 is a ubiquitously expressed multisubunit protein complex.
  • Hollow fiber membranes are ubiquitously used in industrial separations, especially the filtration of drinking water.
  • FAM78B is generally ubiquitously expressed and is highly expressed in regions of the brain.

  • Microarray tissue expression patterns from GEO were analyzed and showed that CCDC47 appears to be an ubiquitously expressed at moderate levels in many different human tissues.
  • ARMCX5 is a highly ubiquitously expressed gene that has shown expression in many tissues.
  • FAM83H is ubiquitously expressed throughout the human body at relatively low levels.
  • There is little to no expression data available for the gene, but most indications point to it being ubiquitously expressed throughout the body.
  • In adulthood, 5α-R1-3 [...] is ubiquitously expressed.

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