Übersetzung für 'ubiquity' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   ubiquity | -
SYNO omnipresence | ubiquitousness | ubiquity
ubiquityAllgegenwart {f}
Ubiquität {f}
doctrine of (Christ's) ubiquity
Ubiquitätslehre {f}
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Übersetzung für 'ubiquity' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Allgegenwart {f}

Ubiquität {f}spec.

doctrine of (Christ's) ubiquity
Ubiquitätslehre {f}relig.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Due to their ubiquity across cultures and classes, scissors have numerous representations across world culture.
  • The pattern check's ubiquity causes concepts or signifiants and signs associated with the pattern to be contingent on contextual inferences.
  • This part proceeds to emphasize the ubiquity of corporations in production in the modern economy.
  • The increasing ubiquity of computers and Internet access led to public discussion of allowing greater use of information technology to run court proceedings.
  • Due to their ubiquity pennies have accumulated a great number of idioms to their name usually recognizing them for their commonality and minuscule value.

  • While these problems pose no computational complexity challenge, some of them are notable because of their ubiquity in computer applications of geometry.
  • Television's ubiquity in the 1950s generated more concerns. Since then, studies have hypothesized a number of effects.
  • Love songs have been around for centuries and can be found in the histories and cultures of most societies, though their ubiquity is a modern phenomenon.
  • The low cost and ubiquity of the Wi-Fi standard means that many newer mobile computers have a wireless network interface built into the motherboard.
  • Owing to its ubiquity, integration into popular 3D graphic software and rather easy usability, Cryptomatte became a quasi standard in the industry.

  • DTD technology is still used in many applications because of its ubiquity.
  • Owing to their ubiquity, hit counters were also a useful tool to collect data on the global usage share of web browsers for a time.
  • Modern panpsychists have tried to distance themselves from theories of this sort, careful to carve out the distinction between the ubiquity of experience and the ubiquity of mind and cognition.
  • Similarly, according to Calka, polymediation has definitive characteristics: ubiquity, shape-shifting authorship, simultaneous fragmenting and merging of identity, and division/communality.
  • The Mega Drive struggled to compete against the Famicom with slogans including "Genesis does what Nintendon't". Nonetheless, Sega had difficulty overcoming Nintendo's ubiquity in homes.

  • Kalashnikov was, according to himself, a self-taught tinkerer who combined innate mechanical skills with the study of weaponry to design arms that achieved battlefield ubiquity.
  • He is the author of a series of books that attempt to explain the ubiquity of irrational or poorly substantiated beliefs, including UFOs, Bigfoot, and paranormal claims.
  • The excessive amount of Spam was probably a reference to the ubiquity of it and other imported canned meat products in the United Kingdom after World War II (a period of rationing in the UK) as the country struggled to rebuild its agricultural base.
  • Ubuntu created Ubiquity edition for servers named Subiquity. It is graphical installer for Ubuntu Server versions, and included from Ubuntu 18.04.
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