Übersetzung für 'unbelieving' von Englisch nach Deutsch
ADJ   unbelieving | more unbelieving | most unbelieving
SYNO atheistic | atheistical | disbelieving | ...
unbelieving {adj}ungläubig
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Übersetzung für 'unbelieving' von Englisch nach Deutsch

unbelieving {adj}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Brill's First Encyclopaedia of Islam, 1913–1936, Volume 4", the term first applied in the Quran to unbelieving Meccans, who endeavoured "to refute and revile the Prophet".
  • Pius had already, in 1949, made a public declaration that the Latin word "perfidus", which is applied to the Jewish people in this prayer, means "unbelieving", not "perfidious" or "treacherous".
  • The Exmormon Foundation is informally associated with the Recovery from Mormonism website, which hosts a discussion board where Exmormons, unbelieving Mormons, and doubters post their complaints, criticisms, and other personal reactions to their experience with the LDS Church.
  • As the only freethinker of his time with a wide audience outside of the unbelieving circle, he reintroduced Paine's ideas to a new generation.
  • Camus also stated that in an unbelieving world there is no absolute authority capable of delivering judgement as no man possesses absolute innocence himself.

  • Initially unbelieving, Jeff is soon forced to accept the facts and discovers that even his name is fictitious and that his real name is Nikita.
  • Cohen explained that although he was an unbelieving Jew, and thus could not relate to the spiritual content of the book, he concurred with Grady's grasp of America's disastrous foreign policy.
  • The film tells the story of an unbelieving alcoholic man who has embarked on a path of spiritual rebirth.
  • Two is unbelieving at first, but then Wish insists he is serious, and Two agrees after some teasing, dubbing their relationship 'Two-Wish'.
  • Eileen is thrilled that Bob quit his job and assures the unbelieving Bob that it's love that he feels for Ruth.

  • He tells her about his unreciprocated desire for Theresa, she shows mild sympathy in response, unbelieving that he puts up with it.
  • Barely after a week, Miss Russia made the international headlines once again by provoking an outrage in her motherland by calling it "a beggar" and "my poor long-suffering country, mercilessly torn to pieces by greedy, dishonest, unbelieving people".
  • When the announcement came, he describes his reaction and that of his wife as unbelieving.
  • According to Augustine of Hippo the spirits are the unbelieving contemporaries of Noah, to whom the spirit of Christ in Noah preached, or to whom the pre-existent Christ himself preached.
  • Al-Tayeb has strongly come out against the practice of takfirism, declaring a Muslim an apostate, which is used by Islamic State to "judge and accuse anyone who doesn't toe their line with apostasy and outside the realm of the faith" and declares "jihad on peaceful Muslims" by using "flawed interpretations of some Qur'anic texts, the prophet's Sunna, and the Imams' views, believing incorrectly that they are leaders of Muslim armies fighting infidel peoples in unbelieving lands".

  • In modern literature, the term infidel includes in its scope atheists, Later meanings in the 15th century include "unbelieving", "a non-Christian" and "one who does not believe in religion" (1527).
  • Paul; Christ encountering the disciples, shown as pilgrims on their way to Compostela, at Emaus; and Christ showing his wounds to the unbelieving Thomas.
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