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NOUN   unequivocal evidence | -
unequivocal evidencezweifelsfreier Beweis {m}
unequivocal {adj}eindeutig
unequivocal {adj}zweifelsfrei
unequivocal {adj}unzweideutig
unequivocal {adj}unmissverständlich
unequivocal {adj} [position]aufrichtig [Standpunkt]
unequivocal {adj} [evidence, proof]unzweifelhaft [Beweis]
in an unequivocal manner {adv}auf unmissverständliche Weise
unequivocal {adj} [support, assent, etc.]uneingeschränkt [Unterstützung, Zustimmung etc.]
He was quite unequivocal about it.Er sagte es ganz eindeutig.
He was quite unequivocal about it.Er sagte es ganz klar.
to take an unequivocal stand (on sth.) (zu etw.) eindeutig Stellung beziehen [Redewendung]
to be unequivocal in one's support of sth.etw. rückhaltlos unterstützen
to be unequivocal in one's support of sth.etw. ohne Vorbehalte unterstützen
evidenceBeweismaterial {n}
evidenceZeugenaussage {f}
Zeugnis {n}
evidenceBefund {m}
Beweismittel {n}
Bekundung {f}
evidenceNachweis {m}
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  • The defence believes that the very fact that the investigator calls for a re-examination qualifies as unequivocal evidence that it is impossible to prove that Alisa's fall was an attempt at murder.
  • The site yields the earliest unequivocal evidence for presence of early humans outside the African continent.
  • There is no unequivocal evidence for intermingling between the wildlife of the Two Medicine and geographically adjacent contemporary formations.
  • Treatment should be continued for at least three days after the fever subsides, and until there is unequivocal evidence of clinical improvement.
  • The FIA reneged on any further investigations on the premise that "it would be an impossibility to provide the unequivocal evidence of a breach".

  • On 2 September, the German government said that it had "unequivocal evidence" that Navalny was poisoned by a Novichok agent after tests at a German military lab and had called on the Russian government for an explanation, with labs in France and Sweden corroborating the findings.
  • As of 2021, "Mussaurus" represents the earliest unequivocal evidence of complex social behaviour in dinosaurs, with over 100 eggs and skeletal specimens of 80 individuals ranging from embryos to adults found in the same locality.
  • There is no unequivocal evidence for this but the initials "AL" appear throughout the notes of the General Committee of Review and no other candidate has been proposed.
  • "Ligand-gated ion channels" are likely to be the major site at which anaesthetic agents and ethanol have their effects, although unequivocal evidence of this is yet to be established.
  • Sanders’ first significant finding during his PhD was to provide unequivocal evidence that inorganic anion uptake in plants is powered by a proton gradient and showed how transport is regulated through intracellular ion concentrations.

  • While GC/MS or NMR may give unequivocal evidence of the existence of biomarkers, it is not practical to include these instruments on highly optimized spacecraft.
  • 1 in which lymph nodes and bone lesions were not target lesions and a progressively growing new tumor nodule within a pre-existing tumor mass must meet specific criteria to be considered unequivocal evidence of progression.
  • Thus, Stewart's research is imperative in that it investigates the behavioral plasticity of people during the first period of unequivocal evidence of symbolic expression and behavioral modernity.
  • Stratified slope deposits can form in non-periglacial environments, meaning that the presence of stratified slope deposit is not unequivocal evidence for past periglaciation.
  • It was nearly 2 meter long and is the only unequivocal evidence of a cyclotosaur in northern Germany.

  • In order to provide unequivocal evidence of the existence of the PIS in primates, researchers must find a situation where a primate performs some sort of arithmetic calculation in the wild.
  • A 2004 EPA study on hydraulic fracturing in coalbed methane wells concluded that the process was safe, and didn't warrant further study, because there was "no unequivocal evidence" of health risks to groundwater, and the fluids were neither necessarily hazardous nor able to travel far underground.
  • Haynes has been critical of all proposed pre-Clovis sites for failure to provide unequivocal evidence and to consider alternative hypotheses.
  • The site yields the earliest unequivocal evidence for the presence of early humans outside the African continent; and the Dmanisi skulls are the five oldest hominins ever found outside Africa.
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