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SYNO inerrable | inerrant | unerring
unerring {adj}zielsicher
unerring {adj}unfehlbar
unerring {adj}treffsicher
unerring {adj}unbestechlich [fig.] [Urteil etc]
2 Wörter
most unerring {adj}treffsicherste
unerring blowsicherer Schlag {m}
unerring descriptioneindeutige Beschreibung {f}
unerring instinctsicherer Instinkt {m}
5+ Wörter
to have an unerring eye for sth.ein sicheres Auge für etw. haben
to have an unerring instinct (for ...)
instinktsicher sein (, was ... angeht / betrifft)
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Most's physical strength, combined with an unerring sense of balance, made him a champion "understander" — the bottom person in a human pyramid.
  • Gregory Palamas, for example, in referring to these writings, calls the author, "an unerring beholder of divine things".
  • Although Dickson never actually topped the Irish League's goalscoring charts in a particular season, his unerring strike rate and longevity have ensured a place in the top-five all-time list of Irish League goalscorers.
  • The Celestial Archer has unerring aim capable of shooting arrows charged with a mysterious energy, or that can turn day into night.
  • Nadkarni was famous for bowling an unerring line to batsmen which made it nearly impossible to score.
  • Morris was revered by the students in his writing classes in Oxford. He was known as an unerring mimic with a warm sense of humor and a sense of the absurd.
  • To his mind, entrepreneurs have to continuously assess market needs and the means which could meet them, which requires an "unerring market sense".
  • Writing for "XS Noize", Mark Millar described "Tokyo" as a "triumphant synth-laden pop nous". Millar further said that the single "encapsulates the trio’s unerring knack of penning a big tune".
  • Woods marked a good distance off, and with unerring aim sent the sphere clean through the centre.
  • He was described by the Amban Ho-lin (1753–96) as a man of upright character, calm countenance and an unerring sense of justice.
  • The award is given to "professional photographers whose unerring powers of observation capture and express the relationship between man and the environment in the most graphic form in a sequence of a minimum of 10 up to a maximum of 12 images".
  • The French title of the movie is "Une combinaison gagnante" (A winning combination) and the German name is "Home Team – Ein treffsicheres Team" (An unerring team).
  • Gregory Palamas, for example, in referring to these writings, calls the author, "an unerring beholder of divine things".
  • The diagram ( - ) represents Jeong Mong-ju's unerring loyalty to his king and his country towards the end of the Goryeo Dynasty.
  • Coney Island was leading, 65–61 in the fourth period when the Beermen unleashed a 12–0 bomb as the Stars went scoreless in a long while, Allan Caidic and Ato Agustin hit with unerring accuracy, Caidic's trey gave San Miguel a 10-point advantage at 80–70.
  • Robison an unerring eye for talent, and it is with some irony that all of the talent that had worked with Robison established their best work and greatest successes after they had left for labels other than his.
  • Penfold devised a winding technique which permitted extreme tension of the rubber thread and unerring accuracy.
  • In the appraisal of antique furniture, he had an especially unerring eye.
  • However even Payah cannot out-fox Uku Nyalo, whose unerring instinct leads her to Turnip Head as the main culprit.
  • Del Sarto was revered for his art; some called him "Andrea senza errori," the unerring.
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