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up until now {adv}bis eben
up until now {adv}bis jetzt
up until now {adv}bis anhin [schweiz.] [bis jetzt]
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ungeprüft everything seen up until nowalles bisher Dagewesene
until now {adv}bisher
until now {adv}bis jetzt
until now {adv}bislang
until now {adj} [postpos.]bisherig
up to now {adv}bislang
up to now {adv}bis jetzt
up to now {adv}bis eben
up to now {adv}bis anher [veraltet] [bis jetzt]
up to now {adj}bisherig [momentan]
up to now {adv}bisher
up to now {adv}(bis) anhero [veraltet] [bis jetzt]
up till now {adj} [coll.] [postpos.]bisherig
until healed up {adv}
bis zur Abheilung
up until then {adv}bis dahin [bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt]
until sb. chalked (up)bis jd. ankreidete
right up until sth. {adv}bis in etw.Akk. hinein
until sb. chalks (up)bis jd. ankreidet
up until old agebis ins hohe Alter
Now things­ are really heating up! [coll.]
Jetzt geht's aber richtig ab! [ugs.]
(right) up until old agebis ins hohe Alter
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  • Given that he received written orders on 30 January, this is unlikely to have been the case, but French's insecurity was increased by this turn of events—not only did he belong to the wrong faction in the Army—the followers of Wolseley and Buller—now in eclipse, but he had up until now been denied command both of the cavalry brigade in Natal and the Cavalry Division (instead being given "ad hoc" forces to command in both cases).
  • Mossad's Meir Amit later came to Washington to tell DCI Helms that Israel would loan America the plane, with its up-until-now secret technology, to find out how it flew.
  • A 2% deficiency in superelevation (say, 4% superelevation on a curve that should have 6%) can be expected to increase crash frequency by 6%, and a 5% deficiency will increase it by 15%. Up until now, highway engineers have been without efficient tools to identify improperly banked curves and to design relevant mitigating road actions.
  • While not agreeing with certain points in this letter explaining the causes of the situation which has developed, and feeling that the party has come up against problems which cannot fully be resolved by the methods employed up until now, I fully endorse the final conclusion of the present letter.
  • On the 13th of April 1765 the count gave the city the right to hold markets and up until now they take place at the market square, which was only built for this occasion.

  • Up until now, the Middle Dutch language output mainly serviced the aristocratic and monastic orders, recording the traditions of chivalry and of religion, but scarcely addressed the bulk of the population.
  • The spermatids, which up until now have been mostly radially symmetrical, begin to develop polarity.
  • Unlike the portraits which up until now had been his main artistic endeavors, the "Calling of the Sons of Zebedee" is a narrative painting which requires more complex composition, and features a detailed and expansive landscape.
  • He wrote five historical novels about Zulu kings, which have been used extensively as school readers on South African history during apartheid, up until now.
  • Up until now, Changzhou has remained one of the most developed cities in Jiangsu, ranked third after Suzhou and Wuxi.

  • He explained that he viewed the independence of Texas as the lesser of two evils compared to American annexation, and that as a matter of domestic policy he also preferred a smaller but well trained body of troops to the mass of undisciplined and ineffective conscripts that up until now had characterized the Mexican Army.
  • Smaller, lighter and an improved version of the RL line, RM was designed specifically for the smaller lawn, which up until now, had been largely ignored.
  • The first episode that has been released up until now, called "A Storm to Come", appears on the band's album "Break the Silence".
  • This latter source of funding has greatly compensated for the lack of sufficient government funding for universities up until now but it is expected to diminish significantly in the years to come.
  • Wilde's new role was that of producer and co-writer, a role he has fulfilled up until now.

  • This issue was published from time to time as a supplement to the games column in the magazine. Up until now, 14 issues have been published.
  • Note that up until now much of the above paragraph could apply to octopuses, mollusks, worms, insects and things more primitive; anything with a more concentrated nervous system and better eyes than say a jellyfish.
  • Other characters include Justin, a social worker at the mental institution; Lewis's girlfriend Lucy and his best mate Nick, whose strongly left-wing ideals Lewis has followed up until now without question.
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