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upwards of {adv} [also esp. Am.: upward of] [more than]mehr als
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upwards of 3000über 3000
upwards {adv}herauf
upwards {adv}aufi [bayer.] [österr.] [ugs.] [hinauf]
upwards {adv}rauf [ugs.] [hinauf]
upwards {adv}empor
upwards {adv}aufhin [österr., bayer.] [hinauf]
upwards {adv}hinauf
upwards {adv}nach oben
upwards {adv}hinan [dichter.]
upwards {adv}aufwärts
to splash upwardshochspritzen
to float upwardsemporschweben [geh.]
to strain upwardsunter Schwierigkeiten in die Höhe streben
tending upwardsnach oben gerichtet
upwards compatibilityAufwärtskompatibilität {f}
upwards tendencyAufwärtstrend {m}
to edge upwardsleicht aufrücken
to lead upwardshinaufführen
to spiral upwardssich in die Höhe schrauben
concave upwards {adj}
to curve upwardssich aufwärts krümmen
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  • In the driest years, the islands have received 150mm of rainfall while its wettest years saw upwards of 4000mm.
  • The Taíno people traveled often and used hollowed canoes with paddles when on the water for fishing or for migration purposes, and upwards of 100 people could fit into a single canoe.
  • On the eve of World War II, Soviet archives indicate a combined camp and colony population upwards of 1.6 million in 1939, according to V. P. Kozlov.
  • In 2017, Columbia was in the path of totality for the Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. The city was expecting upwards of 400,000 tourists coming to view the eclipse.
  • Environmental degradation from white-tailed deer ("Odocoileus virginianus") in the US alone has the potential to both change vegetative communities through over-browsing and cost forest restoration projects upwards of $750 million annually.

  • The damage shut down 120 businesses, left 50 residents without homes, disrupted the operations of state government, and caused upwards of $5 million in damage.
  • Hens that do this may, in a season, lay upwards of 80 eggs, which can be taken for artificial incubation and the chicks hand-raised.
  • 025 per kWh, retail rates upwards of US$0.10 per kWh, and multiples of retail for instantaneous suppliers at unpredicted high demand moments.
  • The Cape has upwards of sixty public beaches, many of which offer parking for non-residents for a daily fee (in summer).
  • During World War II, estimates of soldiers affected by hepatitis were upwards of 10 million.

  • The deep cameo versions of proofs from 1965 to 1971 and 1981 Type 2 are highly valued because of their scarcity, high grade examples of quarters from certain years of the 1980s (such as 1981–1987) because of scarcity in high grades due to high circulation and in 1982 and 1983 no mint sets were produced making it harder to find mint state examples, and any coin from 1981–1994 graded in MS67 is worth upwards of $1000.
  • The x shape allows the player to choose from upwards of four open tria threats, but more importantly gives the player enough initiative to form the H shape.
  • Further excavations conducted recently led to the discovery of important early Christian remains likely to significantly a reevaluation upwards of the size of Ajaccio city in Late Antiquity and the beginning of the Middle Ages.
  • The plague killed upwards of 80% of the people in 1654–55.
  • At this rate, an individual may mark 60 marks per hour, and upwards of 200 per night.

  • The west-facing (windward) slopes of the Meskheti Range receive upwards of [...] of precipitation per year.
  • Certain high-end machines could optionally be purchased with a 2250 graphical display, costing upwards of US $100,000; smaller machines could use the less expensive 2260 display or later the 3270.
  • Some other examples would be Matthew Keene's account of losing upwards of [...] and Yashar Esfandi's claim of losing [...] in four months through incorporation of "DDR".
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