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NOUN   a / an uraeus | uraei / [rare] uraeuses
Uräus {m}
uraeus [also: Uraeus] [symbol]
Uräusschlange {f} [Symbol]
Uraeus snake [Naja haje]
Uräusschlange {f}
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Übersetzung für 'uraeus' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Uräus {m}arthist.myth.
uraeus [also: Uraeus] [symbol]
Uräusschlange {f} [Symbol]archaeo.artmyth.

Uraeus snake [Naja haje]
Uräusschlange {f}zool.T
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • with uraeus on their fronts, on one every among them" ("on each among them").
  • After the unification, the image of Nekhbet joined Wadjet on the uraeus, thereafter, they were shown together as part of the crowns of Egypt.
  • The vase depicted next to the female figure includes an asp or uraeus, depictions of the Egyptian cobra.
  • The southern pylon had a small priest's house attached to it. Fragments of a small painted uraeus cornice were found here.
  • She also was believed to advance ahead of the Egyptian armies and cut down their enemies with fiery arrows, similar to other war deities She was less known to the people as a crown goddess and was one of the goddesses who represented the protective uraeus on royal crowns.

  • Chensit was the wife of Sopdu and the daughter of Ra, and was depicted as an uraeus.
  • In New Kingdom times, the vulture appeared alongside the uraeus on the headdresses with which kings were buried.
  • This would also explain the modesty of Sekhemre-Heruhirmaat Intef's coffin, which lacked a royal uraeus and is stylistically similar to the clearly non-royal coffin of Kamose.
  • In addition to this finding, an "uraeus" or wrapped cobra symbol and hundreds of stone fragment engraved with hieroglyphs were also found.
  • The angelic seraphim, found in the Hebrew Bible and later Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions, are frequently associated with serpents and are thought to have derived from the concept of uraeus.

  • In addition, Amanitore is shown wearing an uraeus on her forehead, which is another identifying symbol of power.
  • A sandstone head without inscription stands in Meroe. It also has the double crown with uraeus. It has several Egyptian looking features, but also has the formal broad Nubian unmodeled planes.
  • One argument in favor of Viceroy Messuy taking on a royal role is an addition of a Uraeus to the brow of Messuy's depictions in the Temple of Amada.
  • The headdress is adorned with a uraeus, or sometimes with feathers.
  • A tall modius is part of the complex headdress used for portraits of Egyptian queens, ornamented variously with symbols, vegetative motifs, and the uraeus.

  • He may be the king of Tyre Baal I, others deem it to be Pharaoh Taharqa himself, as he is wearing the uraeus tiara of Egyptian rule.
  • in the form of the uraeus representing the goddess Wadjet [...] was the symbol of sovereignty for the Pharaohs who incorporated it into their diadem.
  • In ancient Egypt, the symbol is attested from the Old Kingdom (Sneferu, 26th century BC [...]), often flanked on either side with a uraeus.
  • It bore two animal emblems: an Egyptian cobra, known as the uraeus, ready to strike, which symbolized the Lower Egyptian goddess Wadjet; and an Egyptian vulture representing the Upper Egyptian tutelary goddess Nekhbet.
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