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used oilAltöl {n}
3 Wörter
used oil disposal
Altölbeseitigung {f}
4 Wörter
disposal of used oilAltölentsorgung {f}
5+ Wörter
to decrease the amount of oil usedden Ölverbrauch reduzieren
heavy-duty oil <HD oil>
Hochleistungs­öl {n}
used {adj} {past-p}genutzt
used {adj} {past-p}belegt
used {adj} {past-p}benützt [südd.]
used {adj} {past-p}verwandt [selten] [verwendet]
used {adj} {past-p}angewandt
used {adj} {past-p}gebraucht
used {adj} {past-p}angewendet
used {adj} {past-p}benutzt
used {adj} {past-p}verwendet
used {adj} {past-p}
befahren [Straße etc.]
used air
Abwetter {pl}
used matchgebrauchtes Zündholz {n}
to feel usedsichDat. ausgenutzt vorkommen
to be usedzum Einsatz kommen [benutzt / eingesetzt werden]
used stampgebrauchte Briefmarke {f}
seldom-used {adj}verwaist [fig.]
used vehicles
Gebrauchtfahrzeuge {pl}
used forverwendet zum
used airAbluft {f}
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  • It is a combination of this and some singeing that turns used oil black after some running.
  • "Virginia V" always used oil as her fuel. The ship originally burned heavy bunker fuel. She was converted to burn #2 Diesel fuel in 2002.
  • CleanTech's corporate offices have resided in Irwindale for over 15 years, and the new facility is expected to recycle 1.5 million gallons of used oil a year.
  • was the first trucking company to set up an in-house used oil analysis laboratory to control vehicle maintenance costs which was managed by Bob Herguth.
  • The axle bearings were housed in a box that used oil-soaked rags or cotton (collectively called "packing") to reduce the friction of the axle against the truck frame.

  • An alternative way to increase the supply of recyclates is to ban the disposal of certain materials as waste, often including used oil, old batteries, tires, and garden waste.
  • For her portraits Sanderson typically used oil pastel on paper or acrylic and oil on canvas.
  • Iran recycles 28% of its used oil and gas, whereas some other countries reprocess up to 60%.
  • To create these illustrations, Morrill used oil on illustration board, coating the image with a high-gloss glaze and thin coats of paint.
  • The original 1977 converter was one of the first thyristor-based HVDC schemes to be put into operation in the world and used oil-insulated, oil-cooled outdoor thyristor valves supplied by Hitachi (60 Hz end) and Toshiba (50 Hz end).

  • The light began service on 24 February 1862 and initially used oil to generate its light, it was converted to incandescent power in 1906 and to electricity in 1966 and finally automated in 1993.
  • Older instruments may have used oil diffusion pumps for high vacuum regions.
  • Westinghouse pursued many improvements in railway signals (which then used oil lamps). In 1881 he founded the Union Switch and Signal Company to manufacture his signaling and switching inventions.
  • After Hanzo tracked him down to the Inland Sea, Kotarō lured him and his men into a small channel and used oil to set the channel on fire.
  • Important customers included railway companies, which used oil lamps to light stations, trains and signals.

  • CWT plants often receive wastes from a wide variety of manufacturers, including chemical plants, metal fabrication and finishing; and used oil and petroleum products from various manufacturing sectors.
  • For non moisture sensitive goods, many open wagons of various types can be used.
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