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utter nonsensebarer Unsinn {m}
utter nonsenselauter Unsinn {m}
utter nonsenseausgemachter Unfug {m}
utter nonsenseausgemachter Unsinn {m}
utter nonsenseabsoluter Quatsch {m} [ugs.]
utter nonsensetotaler Blödsinn {m} [ugs.]
utter nonsensevölliger Blödsinn {m} [ugs.]
utter nonsenseabsoluter Blödsinn {m} [ugs.]
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What utter nonsense!So ein totaler Blödsinn! [ugs.]
utter {adj}schlechthinnig [veraltend]
utter {adj}heillos
to utter
in Umlauf bringen [Falschgeld u.ä.]
utter {adj}vollkommen
utter {adj}blank [z. B. Hohn]
utter {adj}äußere
to utteraussprechen
utter {adj}äußerste
to utterhervorbringen
utter {adj}völlig
to utter
in Umlauf setzen [Geld, Falschgeld u.ä.]
utter strangerWildfremder {m}
utter ruinäußerster Ruin {m}
utter foolvollkommener Tor {m} [geh.] [veraltend]
utter solitudevöllige Abgeschiedenheit {f}
utter chaosvölliges Durcheinander {n}
utter confusionheilloses Durcheinander {n}
utter drunkardunverbesserlicher Trunkenbold {m} [pej.]
to utter sth.etw.Akk. äußern
utter impossibilityvöllige Unmöglichkeit {f}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • "This is utter nonsense. We have said this before and we say it again that these documents haven't been verified and no one knows if these are real KGB papers," said CPI leader Manju Kumar Majumder, when the book was out, Academicians like J.
  • The instrumental titles contain either subtle references to events in Danny's career, ethereal connotations or utter nonsense.
  • James Blish called the stories "utter nonsense", and chastised Aldiss for ignoring basic rules of physics.
  • Project investigator Roy Craig later described each of the cases as "utter nonsense," "highly suspect," and unexplained but very weak.
  • The Chair of the Board of DuPont was quoted as saying that ozone depletion theory is "a science fiction tale … a load of rubbish … utter nonsense".

  • Roger Scruton stated that: "His major work "Being and Time" is formidably difficult—unless it is utter nonsense, in which case it is laughably easy.
  • Tobin fiercely criticized the 2000 National Jewish Population Survey, saying that the study severely undercounted American Jews due to methodological flaws and calling it "utter nonsense".
  • Kruse, who writes about modern conservatism, calling Owens's statement "utter nonsense".
  • "Utter Nonsense!" is a comical card game played by a judge and players.
  • A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that they did not "need to dignify the book by offering any comment", while friends reported him saying that the claim was "utter nonsense".

  • Downing Street sources responded by saying that Cameron, who was Prime Minister at the time, would not dignify the anecdote with a response while friends reported him saying that it was "utter nonsense".
  • "The Music Cure, a Piece of Utter Nonsense" (1913) is a short comedy sketch by George Bernard Shaw, satirising therapeutic fads of the era and the Marconi scandal of 1912.
  • It says that people cannot see it therefore it seems utter nonsense to write so much about it."
  • If you want to laugh at the utter nonsense going on on-screen, you might as well sit through it".
  • In the Book of Zechariah (...) it states: "For the teraphim utter nonsense, and the diviners see lies; the dreamers tell false dreams, and give empty consolation.

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