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utter ruinäußerster Ruin {m}
utter {adj}völlig
utter {adj}vollkommen
to utterhervorbringen
utter {adj}schlechthinnig [veraltend]
to utter
in Umlauf bringen [Falschgeld u.ä.]
utter {adj}heillos
utter {adj}blank [z. B. Hohn]
utter {adj}äußere
to utteraussprechen
utter {adj}äußerste
to utter
in Umlauf setzen [Geld, Falschgeld u.ä.]
utter chaosvölliges Durcheinander {n}
utter confusionheilloses Durcheinander {n}
utter solitudevöllige Abgeschiedenheit {f}
utter nonsensevölliger / absoluter / totaler Blödsinn {m}
utter foolvollkommener Tor {m} [geh.] [veraltend]
utter nonsenseabsoluter Quatsch {m} [ugs.]
utter nonsenseausgemachter Unfug {m}
utter nonsenseausgemachter Unsinn {m}
utter nonsensebarer Unsinn {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • As far as about the old temple, the sabhamandap was in an utter ruin and had a porch erected in front of the shrine.
  • In 1865 it was reported to be in utter ruin and dangerous, but reconstruction did not take place until 1871.
  • After Cave's time the theatre gradually sank to a lower and lower level and "a once prosperous place was reduced to utter ruin by the incompetence and mismanagement of the speculators".
  • His utter ruin was the consequence".
  • Menshikov here resulted in utter ruin. For that reason Zembin lost the status of a township.

  • In 22 AD, the emperor Tiberius said that the Cura Annonae if neglected would be "the utter ruin of the state".
  • His last years were a dreary journey in and out of a debtors' prison: he was preserved from utter ruin only by the remnant of his wife's fortune (and this eventually ran out) and the generosity of his uncle Sir Henry.
  • The creation of the patronage of Robert de Holland caused some unrest among other landowners, and on 25 October On 2 October 1559 the castle is stated as being "in utter ruin and decay".
  • Nyanatiloka was finally able to return to Sri Lanka in 1926, he found his beloved Island Hermitage in utter ruin and had to rebuild it anew.
  • Organised Clubmen in Worcestershire met on Woodbury Hill on 5 March 1645 and under the leadership of Charles Nott, the parson of Shelsley drew up the Woodbury Declaration, which protests at the "utter ruin by the outrages and violence of the soldier; threatening to fire our houses; endeavouring to ravish our wives and daughters, and menacing our persons", and presented it to Henry Bromley (of Holt), the Royalist Sheriff of Worcestershire.

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