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v-sync signal
VSync-Signal {n} [vertikale Synchronisierung]
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Übersetzung für 'v sync signal' von Englisch nach Deutsch

v-sync signal
VSync-Signal {n} [vertikale Synchronisierung]telecom.
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  • The standard defines how to signal the H-sync and V-sync pins in a standard SVGA monitor to trigger the monitor's power saving capabilities.
  • The signal from the tape was read back, passed through a band pass filter and an interrupt would be generated each time the audio signal crossed the 0 V base line.
  • The horizontal sync signal is a single short pulse that indicates the start of every line.
  • Modern television systems use large amounts of video signal processing such as MPEG preprocessing, encoding and decoding, video synchronization and resolution conversion in pixelated displays.
  • DIN sync consists of two signals, clock (tempo) and run/stop.
  • The video signal input is 75 Ω terminated or connected to the video output for a monitor.
  • In this figure, the level of the modulating VF signal is 1 volt (white level).
  • Video signals use the "IRE" unit instead of DC voltages to describe levels and amplitudes.
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