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vacant appointments
freie Stellen {pl}
appointmentsBestimmungen {pl}
appointmentsTermine {pl}
appointments {pl}
Ausstattung {f}
Einrichtung {f}
to fix appointmentsTermine ausmachen
ideological appointmentsideologisch begründete Stellenbesetzungen {pl}
cabinet appointments
Berufungen {pl} ins Kabinett
to postpone appointmentsTermine verschieben
appointments committeeBerufungs­kommission {f}
appointments wantedgesuchte Stellen {pl}
judicial appointments {pl}
Ernennung {f} von Anwälten und Richtern
appointments [engagements]Verabredungen {pl}
appointments diaryTerminkalender {m}
appointments bookTerminkalender {m}
appointments board
staatliche Stellenvermitlung {f}
clash of appointmentsTerminkollision {f}
appointments-only surgery
Bestellpraxis {f}
clash of appointmentsTerminkonflikt {m}
to juggle the appointments arounddie Termine hin und her schieben
first round of appointmentserste Runde {f} der Berufungen
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  • The new government led by Anwar Ibrahim decided that there would be no more political appointments in any government agency causing the chairman position held by Apli Yusof who was appointed by the former government to be vacant immediately, he is the current head of UMNO Kuala Nerus division.
  • The fellows rather than surrender their offices and charter resolved for its property to be sold and no appointments to any vacant post could be made.
  • Interim appointments are made to fill vacant legislative seats by the county committee or committees of the party of the vacating person (since a constitutional amendment passed on November 8, 1988).
  • These judicial appointments are made from among the vacant positions' peers, juniors, and available eminent jurists in consultation with the National Judicial Commission Dungkhag Court jurists are not appointed by the king.
  • These royal judicial appointments are made from among the vacant positions' peers, juniors, and available eminent jurists in consultation with the National Judicial Commission.

  • The Royal Household in Scotland includes offices of personal, honorary and state appointments.
  • The matter was settled in an agreement of 27 September 1667, in which it was agreed that the bishop and the Chapter would make appointments alternately.
  • An Appointments Board oversees the recruitment and evaluation process, with the final appointment decision being taken by the faculty board.
  • All appointments must be confirmed by the Montana Senate, though recess appointments serve on the court until the next session of the Senate begins.
  • The petition was added to get the vote of council member Nate Bates, who considered passing the law without such a requirement would turn the city council appointments into an "American Idol" style circus.

  • The succeeding bull "Superna" of Gregory XIII and the constitution "Pastoralis" of Innocent X greatly checked "in commendam" appointments but did not abolish them entirely.
  • Taylor and Hale claimed that Dye's control of committee appointments violated the state constitution's separation of powers.
  • Two of their new Aldermanic appointments were people who had just been voted out by the electors.
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