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NOUN   a value-added step | value-added steps
value-added step
Wertschöpfungs­stufe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'value added step' von Englisch nach Deutsch

value-added step
Wertschöpfungs­stufe {f}econ.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The Labour Party won the October 1996 elections under Sant who campaigned for the removal of the Value Added Tax (VAT) that had been introduced in 1995 as an unpopular but required step towards EU accession.
  • The selective oxidation based chemical looping processes can be used to produce directly in one step value-added products beyond syngas.
  • Other biofuel companies (such as Gate Fuels Qteros) also claim to have developed a one-step process to produce ethanol or value-added chemicals from plant material.
  • The first step in designing any lean laboratory is to specify value.
  • When a voxel is reached that has a higher y value on the display it is added to the y-buffer overriding the previous value and connected with the previous y-value on the screen interpolating the color values.
  • Deep sea mining project value chain can be differentiated using the criteria of the type of activities where the value is actually added.
  • The result of each die is added (dice which reach their maximum value are thrown again, adding each maximum to the tally, along with the final result below maximum) and compared to a value decided by the game master/storyteller according to the difficulty of the task.
  • is an added note that is important melodically (unlike an acciaccatura) and suspends the principal note by a portion of its time-value, often about half, but this may be considerably more or less depending on the context.
  • In 1999 the National Board of Revenue in Bangladesh (NBR) negotiated with cigarette producing firms a minimum amount of Value Added Tax (VAT) that should be paid per month even though VAT is an "ad valorem" tax, that is to say of variable yield.
  • Dictionary entries would be added starting with code value hex 100.
  • The initiators have admitted that the accomplishment of a Wage Union is a long process which requires a systemic transformation of Central European economies, an increased productivity and the output of products with higher added value but no such intentions have even been demonstrated in the region so far.
  • In March 2013, The Bahamian Minister of Financial Services, Ryan Pinder, strongly advocated for regional trade integration and increased exports collectively for the region through production based on value-added/value-chain trade and using Article 238 of the EPA on Regional Preferences as a foundation for this model of integration.
  • It is in favor of a differential value added tax as well as canceling existing subsidies for West Bank settlements and ultra-Orthodox sectoral interests while increasing the fees charged for the mining of natural resources.
  • Its annual capacity in September 2011 was 585,000 metric tons of primary aluminium, all to be shipped as value added aluminium casthouse products.
  • was a value-added reseller marketing 'single-user' computer systems (known at the time as micro-computers).
  • The ARB notes from that meeting note "SGI felt it was critical to work together with Microsoft, which had not been moving in compatible directions, to be able to build value-added products in the Windows environment.
  • Its annual capacity in September 2011 was 585,000 metric tons of primary aluminium, all to be shipped as value added aluminium casthouse products.
  • The added value the company offered at that time to its shareholders was based on organizing intermodal shuttle solutions based on gathering enough volumes from its shareholders and taking care about purchasing traction services from a few suppliers and controlling their performance.
  • ] value. This value is then added to the initial [...] value to obtain the next value to be used for computations.
  • EVR = Eco-costs/value. The basic idea of the EVR model is to link the 'value chain' to the ecological product chain.
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