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value tax [ad valorem tax]
Wertsteuer {f}
3 Wörter
added value taxMehrwertsteuer {f}
increment value taxWertzuwachssteuer {f}
value added tax <VAT>Umsatzsteuer {f} <USt.>
value added tax <VAT>Mehrwertsteuer {f} <MwSt., MWSt.>
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Value Added Tax Act [in Germany]
Umsatzsteuergesetz {n} <UStG>
value added tax law
Mehrwertsteuergesetz {n}
value added tax rate
Umsatzsteuersatz {m}
value added tax rate
Mehrwertsteuersatz {m}
value added tax refund
Umsatzsteuervergütung {f}
value-added tax increase
Mehrwertsteuererhöhung {f}
value-added tax increase
Mehrwertsteuer-Erhöhung {f}
value-added tax reduction
Mehrwertsteuersenkung {f}
value-added tax revenue
Mehrwertsteueraufkommen {n}
5+ Wörter
assessed value for tax purposes
Steuerwert {m}
system of value added tax
Mehrwertsteuersystem {n}
value added tax identification numberUmsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer {f}
Value Added Tax Identification Number <VAT ID>
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer {f} <USt-IdNr.> <UID-Nr.>
value added tax identification number <VATIN> Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer {f} <UST-IdNr.> <UD>
value added tax on input
abzugsfähige Vorsteuer {f}
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  • The American economist and social philosopher Henry George, the most famous proponent of this thesis, wanted to accomplish this through a high land value tax that replaces all other taxes.
  • George advocated for a citizen's dividend paid for by a land value tax in an April 1885 speech at a Knights of Labor local in Burlington, Iowa titled "The Crime of Poverty" and later in an interview with former U.S.
  • Land value tax creates an incentive to convert these sites to more intensive private uses or into public purposes.
  • Stiglitz dubbed this the 'Henry George theorem' in reference to the radical classical economist Henry George who famously advocated for land value tax.
  • Alternatively, two-rate taxation may be seen as a form that allows gradual transformation of the traditional real estate property tax into a pure land value tax.
  • In public economics, Vickrey extended the Georgist marginal cost pricing approach of Harold Hotelling and showed how public goods should be provided at marginal cost and capital investment outlays financed with land value tax.
  • Such taxes include the land value tax, where the tax is on a good in completely inelastic supply.
  • It was Adam Smith who first noted the efficiency and distributional properties of a land value tax in his book "The Wealth of Nations".
  • As a believer in Georgist economics, Douglas regretting not being able to do more to advance land value tax while in the Senate.
  • During his 2020 campaign Gravel also voiced support for a third legislative body that would give the people direct control of the budget as well as the implementation of a land value tax.
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