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NOUN   a valve O-ring | valve O-rings
valve O-ringVentil-O-Ring {m}
ring-a-ring-o' roses
Ringelreigen {m}
ring-a-ring-o' roses
Ringelreihen {m}
Rundring {m} [O-Ring]
Nullring / Null-Ring {m} [DDR-Begriff] [O-Ring]
O-ringDichtungs­ring {m}
O-ringO-Ring {m}
o-ringRundschnurring {m}
O-ring gripper
O-Ring-Greifer {m}
O-ring circuit
O-Ring-Schaltkreis {m} [auch: O-Ring-Schaltung]
encapsulated O-ring
ummantelter O-Ring {m}
O-ring sealRundgummidichtung {f}
O-ring sealO-Dichtring {m}
O-ring (seal / gasket)
Rundschnurring {m}
valve seat ring
Ventilsitzring {m}
tricuspid valve ring
Trikuspidalklappenring {m}
indicator ring (valve)Befestigungs­wulst {f} [Ventil]
valve ring (of the heart)
Herzklappenring {m}
O'ahu 'Ō'ō [Moho apicalis] [extinct] [also: Oahu oo]
Oʻahu ʻŌʻō {m} [ausgestorben]
O'ahu 'Ō'ō [Moho apicalis] [extinct] [also: Oahu oo]
Krausschwanzmoho {m} [ausgestorben]
O'ahu 'Ō'ō [Moho apicalis] [extinct] [also: Oahu oo]
Weißspitzen-Krausschwanz {m} [ausgestorben]
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  • The gas may be introduced by a Schrader-type valve, using a lip seal around the rod and forcing it to allow gas in by external overpressure or a shuttling O-ring system.
  • Equipment failure resulting in the loss of all gas could be caused by failure of a pressure retaining component such as an O-ring or hose in the regulator or, in cold conditions, a freezing of water in the regulator resulting in a free flow from the demand valve.
  • All parallel thread valves are sealed using an elastomer O-ring at top of the neck thread which seals in a chamfer or step in the cylinder neck and against the flange of the valve.
  • Air gun maintenance is important as guns can misfire; the worst case scenario being an auto-fire where the gun actually fires repeatedly out of synch because of a defect in the gun itself such as a damaged solenoid valve or a leaking gun O-ring.
  • P-series PGP's have the old style valve which requires a Sheridan valve tool for disassembly, while PA-series guns feature the "cartridge valve" design for easier disassembly and adjustment.

  • The wafer style butterfly valve is designed to maintain a seal against bi-directional pressure differential to prevent any backflow in systems designed for unidirectional flow.
  • Cylinder or manifold valve knob extension operators (slobwinders) can be stiff, can trail and snag on things, and can be difficult to find when needed.
  • These are used to cover the cylinder valve orifice when the cylinder is not in use to prevent dust, water or other materials from contaminating the orifice.
  • The housing used in the 2000–2004 model year US Ford Focus and 2001–2004 model year Ford Escape with 16-Valve DOHC engine is made from ABS plastic.
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