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NOUN   a vector analysis | vector analyses
vector analysis
Vektorrechnung {f}
vector analysis
Vektoranalyse {f} [auch: Vektor-Analyse]
vector analysis [vector calculus]
Vektoranalysis {f}
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  • He had made advances in the areas of analysis, foundations and logic, made many contributions to the teaching of calculus and also contributed to the fields of differential equations and vector analysis.
  • The normal force and the frictional force are ultimately determined using vector analysis, usually via a free body diagram.
  • 'Alexander in his "vector analysis"... measured the relative participation of the three basic directions in which an organism's tendencies towards the external world may be effective: reception, elimination, and retention'.
  • In 1956, Clarke created the Activity Vector Analysis, a checklist of adjectives on which he asked people to indicate descriptions that were accurate about themselves.
  • Sextante GIS has been ported to a plugin for gvSIG adding a host of raster and vector analysis functions in addition to gvSIG's impressive built-in vector analysis tools.
  • During his study he had become fascinated by the power and subtleties of vector analysis.
  • This associative algebra was the source of the science of vector analysis in three dimensions as recounted in "A History of Vector Analysis".
  • Vector analysis is a branch of mathematical analysis dealing with values which have both magnitude and direction.
  • While he was working on vector analysis in the late 1870s, Gibbs discovered that his approach was similar to the one that Grassmann had taken in his "multiple algebra".
  • Classical turbine design methods were developed in the mid 19th century. Vector analysis related the fluid flow with turbine shape and rotation.
  • At the beginning of the twentieth century, Josiah Willard Gibbs derived the same vector by vector analysis.
  • This was confirmed by the 2008 study mentioned above, which found a greater reduction in corneal astigmatism and better visual outcomes under mesopic conditions using wavefront technology combined with vector analysis than using wavefront technology alone, and also found equivalent higher-order aberrations (see below).
  • In the final steps, two equalities will be used: (1) A Vector Analysis Equality, (2) Faraday's law of induction.
  • These shocks require a component vector analysis of the flow; doing so allows for the treatment of the flow in an orthogonal direction to the oblique shock as a normal shock.
  • Since the commutator ij − ji = 2k, the Lie bracket in this algebra is twice the cross product of ordinary vector analysis.
  • There are six vectors [...] that can be used in trikonic vector analysis; these are shown in Figure 7.0.
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