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NOUN   a vector arrow | vector arrows
vector arrow
Vektorpfeil {m}
four-vector <4-vector>
Vierervektor {m}
arrowwood / arrow-wood / arrow wood [Frangula dodonei, syn.: F. alnus, F. atlantica, F. frangula, F. vilgaris, Rhamnus frangula] [alder buckthorn]
Gemeiner Faulbaum {m}
arrowwood / arrow-wood / arrow wood [Frangula dodonei, syn.: F. alnus, F. atlantica, F. frangula, F. vilgaris, Rhamnus frangula] [alder buckthorn]
(Gewöhnlicher) Faulbaum {m}
arrowPfeil {m}
Flitz {m} [veraltet]
Vektor {m}
Überträger {m}
search arrowSuchpfeil {m}
arrow bracketspitze Klammer {f}
arrow markPfeilmarkierung {f}
arrow markerPfeilmarkierung {f}
arrow slit
Pfeilschlitz {m}
down arrowAbwärtspfeil {m}
crossbow arrow
Armbrustbolzen {m}
dart arrow
Dartpfeil {m}
arrow keys
Pfeiltasten {pl}
arrow straightenerPfeilstrecker {m}
steel arrowStahlpfeil {m}
poisoned arrow
Giftpfeil {m}
up arrow
Aufwärtspfeil {m}
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  • , the gradient at a given location will be a vector in the xy-plane (visualizable as an arrow on a map) pointing along the steepest direction.
  • The IIA property might not be satisfied in human decision-making of realistic complexity because the "scalar" preference ranking is effectively derived from the weighting—not usually explicit—of a "vector" of attributes (one book dealing with the Arrow theorem invites the reader to consider the related problem of creating a scalar measure for the track and field decathlon event—e.g. ...
  • Then, mark each location with an arrow (called a vector) pointing in the direction of the local magnetic field with its magnitude proportional to the strength of the magnetic field.
  • This characteristic arrow-like shape derives from two key features: on the right at the vector origin, a long asymptotic tail, and on the left (forming the arrow head) two (often dense) patches of condition-unique points.
  • The so-called LOS-vector is a unit vector [...] (in the figures shown as a red arrow) pointing from the antenna to a ground scatterer.

  • Force is a vector quantity, which means that it has a magnitude and a direction, and it is usually denoted using boldface such as F or by using an arrow over the symbol, such as [...].
  • A Liouville space is the vector space formed by the set of (self-adjoint) linear operators, equipped with an inner product, that act on a Hilbert space.
  • In mathematics, physics, and engineering, a Euclidean vector or simply a vector (sometimes called a geometric vector or spatial vector) is a geometric object that has magnitude (or length) and direction.
  • A tiled web map, slippy map (in OpenStreetMap terminology) or tile map is a map displayed in a web browser by seamlessly joining dozens of individually requested image or vector data files.
  • The graphic is in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format and can be copied and pasted into other documents.

  • Vectors are physical quantities that possess both magnitude and direction and whose operations obey the axioms of a vector space.
  • The quantum state vector of a single particle with total angular momentum quantum number "j" and total magnetic quantum number "m" = "j", "j" − 1, ..., −"j" + 1, −"j", is denoted as a ket [...].
  • In mathematics, a rotating body is commonly represented by a pseudovector along the axis of rotation.
  • of a quiver assigns a vector space [...] to each vertex [...] of the quiver and a linear map [...] to each arrow [...].
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