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NOUN   a vital wound | vital wounds
vital wound
lebensgefährliche Verletzung {f}
vital {adj}unabdingbar
vital {adj}lebendig
vital {adj}unerlässlich
vital {adj}wichtig
vital {adj}grundlegend
vital {adj}unbedingt notwendig
vital {adj}kritisch [entscheidend, notwendig]
vital {adj}lebenswichtig
vital {adj}wesentlich
vital {adj}unverzichtbar
vital {adj}lebenserhaltend
vital {adj}vital
vital {adj}entscheidend
vital {adj}lebensnotwendig
vital {adj}hochwichtig
vital signs
Lebenszeichen {pl}
vital statisticsStatistik {f} der Bevölkerungs­entwicklung
vital componentwesentlicher Bestandteil {m}
vital statisticsPersonenstandsstatistik {f}
vital signLebenszeichen {n}
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  • Physician Boyd Stevens, the San Francisco Medical Examiner who performed the autopsies, later reported at the 1994 International Wound Ballistics Association's conference in Sacramento that the wound trauma caused by Black Talons was unremarkable and that all victims died due to penetration of a vital structure.
  • The immediate damaging effect of a gunshot wound is typically severe bleeding with the potential for hypovolemic shock, a condition characterized by inadequate delivery of oxygen to vital organs.
  • The vital inference of this story is that Veil's hypothesis is indeed correct, the boy assuming Marsch's identity, a wound suffered from the cat being a convenient explanation for the marked decline in hand-writing quality, the native Annese being renowned for their inability to use tools.
  • Appropriate fluid levels are vital to reducing postoperative risks and improving patient outcomes: fluid volumes that are too low (under-hydration) or too high (over-hydration) have been shown to decrease wound healing and increase the risk of infection or cardiac complications.
  • VBR produces a 4.6×30mm two-part controlled fragmenting projectile that is claimed to increase the content of the permanent wound cavity and double the chance to hit a vital organ.

  • VBR of Belgium produces a 4.6×30mm two-part controlled-fragmenting projectile that is claimed to increase the content of the permanent wound cavity and double the chance to hit a vital organ.
  • More than 15 years later, this would play a vital role in changes at the station.
  • Sweat production is a vital thermoregulatory mechanism used by the body to prevent heat-related illness as the evaporation of sweat is the body’s most effective method of heat reduction and the only cooling method available when the air temperature rises above skin temperature.
  • The Harriers continued to grow until the outbreak of war in 1939, when the ground was taken over for vital industrial purposes.
  • These bullets are designed to penetrate deeply enough to reach vital organs from any shooting angle and at a far enough range.

  • After the battle ended with the repulse of the Japanese attackers, the division took over the 5th Division's front and took part in the capture of two vital railway tunnels.
  • It was while defending this vital position that he was wounded, and after fighting throughout the night propped up in his foxhole, he crawled unassisted to the rear where he continued the attack.
  • According to a press release on the former organisation's website, a new organisation, provisionally named the Commonwealth Press Training and Education Trust was formed in January 2009 "to carry on the vital work of the CPU".
  • This singular modification changed the dynamics of the chromatin which shows that acetylation of H4 at K16 is vital for proper intra- and inter- functionality of chromatin structure.
  • There had been bitter fighting around Nasiriyah, a vital crossing point of the River Euphrates.

  • makes research on the virus of vital importance for the scientific community in order to possibly lower the current death rate.
  • Besides blood pressure control and hydration, support should be initiated for those with unstable vital signs and low urine output.
  • It is thought that translational IRES dependent activation of FGF-2 plays a vital role in embryogenesis and in the adult brain [...].
  • No vital part is injured, and [...] Mr Guthrie and Mr Bransby Cooper have every reason to believe that Mr.
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