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NOUN   vivipary | -
Viviparie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'vivipary' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Viviparie {f}biol.
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  • False vivipary is an abnormal condition found in many types of plants in which a plantlet is produced where the flower should appear.
  • Like many other mangrove species, it reproduces by vivipary. Seeds are encased in a fruit, which reveals the germinated seedling when it falls into the water.
  • "Hedychium" has multiple modes of reproduction: sexual, via rhizomes and via bulbils. Some species of "Hedychium" are reported to exhibit facultative vivipary.
  • These plants tend towards self pollination, apomixis, and vivipary.
  • and early germination on the palm (vivipary) was important.

  • Worm bagging (also referred to as facultative vivipary or endotokia matricida) is a process by which "C.
  • In plants, vivipary occurs when seeds or embryos begin to develop before they detach from the parent.
  • Phylogenetically however, one of the two suborders – the Aplocheiloidei – contains oviparous species exclusively, as do two of the four superfamilies of the other suborder (the Cyprinodontoidea and Valencioidea of the Cyprinodontoidei). Vivipary and ovovivipary have evolved independently from oviparous ancestors, the latter possibly twice.
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