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vortex method
Wirbelmethode {f}
vortexWasserstrudel {m}
Wirbel {m}
vortexwirbelnde Bewegung {f}
Vortex {m} [Wirbel] [auch Strömungs­lehre]
vortex lattice
Vortexgitter {n}
vortex spinningLuftdüsenspinnen {n}
vortex structure
Wirbelstruktur {f}
air vortex
Luftwirbel {m}
vortex theory
Wirbeltheorie {f}
crossflow vortex
Querströmungs­wirbel {m}
to vortex sth.
etw. vortexen [durch Vortexmischer vermischen]
water vortexWasserwirbel {m}
annular vortexRingwirbel {m}
cloud vortex
Wolkenwirbel {m}
polar vortex
Polarwirbel {m}
vortex tube
Wirbelrohr {n}
polar vortex
polarer Wirbel {m}
vortex shedding
Wirbelablösung {f}
trash vortex
Müllstrudel {m}
vortex ring
Wirbelring {m}
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  • The Vortex lattice method, (VLM), is a numerical method used in computational fluid dynamics, mainly in the early stages of aircraft design and in aerodynamic education at university level.
  • His early work introduced several widely used numerical methods for solving the Navier-Stokes equations, including the method of artificial compressibility, the projection method, and vortex methods.
  • Most insects use a method that creates a spiralling leading edge vortex.
  • Most insects use a method that creates a spiralling leading edge vortex.
  • Restless in temperament and unconventional in method, he plunged into the vortex of German politics to a degree that did not always accord with the traditions of diplomacy.

  • In the simplest example of the method, an equal volume of beads are added to a cell or tissue suspension in a test tube and the sample is vigorously mixed on a common laboratory vortex mixer.
  • Cyclonic separation is a method of removing particulates from an air, gas or liquid stream, without the use of filters, through vortex separation.
  • A model for testing performance was determined that, when combined with the vortex lattice (VLM) or boundary element method (BEM), RANS was found useful for modelling the flow of water between two contrary rotation propellers, where VLM or BEM are applied to the propellers and RANS is used for the dynamically fluxing inter-propeller state.
  • An example of this playing technique can be found in Gérard Grisey's Vortex Temporum (1995).
  • There has been recent research on using stress induced birefringence in a glass plate to generate an Optical vortex and full Poincare beams (optical beams that have every possible polarization state across a cross-section).

  • In aerodynamics, the lift distribution over a finite wing may be approximated by assuming that each spanwise segment of the wing has a semi-infinite trailing vortex behind it.
  • The main vortex along the front of the wave diffuses rapidly into the interior of the wave after breaking, as the eddies on the surface become more viscous.
  • This creates a turbulent vortex or "whirlpool" in the vessel.
  • Winglets increase the effective aspect ratio of the wing, changing the pattern and magnitude of the vorticity in the vortex pattern.
  • Individual quantum vortices have been observed in 3-dimensions, moving and reconnecting using a technique which extracts small fractions of the condensate at a time, allowing for the observation of a time sequence of the same vortex configuration.

  • Dolphins are known to engage in complex play behavior, which includes such things as producing stable underwater toroidal air-core vortex rings or "bubble rings".
  • Free vortex models and Lagrangian particle vortex methods are both active areas of research that seek to increase modelling accuracy by accounting for more of the three-dimensional and unsteady flow effects than either blade element momentum theory or Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations.
  • He is well known for his research on numerical simulations of vortex flows, multiphase flows, free surface flows, and flows with phase changes.
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