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ADJ   wacky | wackier | wackiest
SYNO cockamamie | cockamamy | goofy | ...
wacky {adj} [coll.]bekloppt [ugs.]
wacky {adj} [coll.]blöd [ugs.]
wacky {adj} [coll.]verrückt [ugs.] [oft pej.] [geistig wirr]
wacky {adj} [coll.]schrullig
wacky {adj} [coll.]exzentrisch
2 Wörter
wacky baccy [sl.]
Gras {n} [ugs. für: Marihuana, Cannabis]
wacky wobbler [bobblehead figure]
Wackelfigur {f} [Wackelkopffigur]
3 Wörter
wacky comedy film
anarchistische Komödie {f}
wacky comedy film
Anarcho-Komödie {f} [ugs.]
9 Übersetzungen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The story focuses on comedy, primarily the wacky adventures of Patalliro himself and the entire kingdom of Malynera.
  • After gaining a reputation as "the wacky weatherman", he made the transition to newsreader in 2011.
  • Players control a wacky fighter chopper named "Mr. Heli", while shooting enemies, collecting power-ups, and defeating bosses to advance levels.
  • A slapstick comedy about the wacky antics of a group of waiters at a Jewish summer camp in upstate New York.
  • Whilst at Heart FM, he performed several spoof sketches, off-the-cuff jokes and wacky competitions. He remained there until December 2001.

  • It is usually something that combines a wacky, jaw dropping event or experience with pure branding, like tattooing your forehead.
  • Some companies hold 'strange warning label competitions' such as the former M-law wacky warning labels competition.
  • Stories about a never-seen narrator who gets involved in wacky situations.
  • It focuses on the wacky antics of Oggy and the trio of mischievous cockroaches that inhabit his house.
  • Reviewer Wendy Schadewald of shortredheadreelreviews.com gives the film 2.5 out of 5 stars, calling it a "wacky, pratfall comedy".

  • A history of the weird and wacky ideas about health.
  • The Fresh Beat Band, now a group of spies, solve wacky mysteries in their town using their individual talents and cool gadgets.
  • Some kids brought together by chance get into wacky situations in their magical clay town.
  • As the world gets progressively crazier, the child runs around trying to escape it or find help, and eventually runs into Patrolman McGann, who declares that Wacky Wednesday will end as soon as every last wacky thing has been counted – the final page having 20 in total.
  • Sheridan co-starred with Dick Powell in "Naughty but Nice" (1939) and played a wacky heiress in "Winter Carnival" (1939).

  • On Cinema Blend, it was praised for "wacky wordplay, catchy tunes, and good-natured ribbing".
  • Since leaving "EastEnders" McDermott has appeared in the children's situation comedy "Dizzy Heights" (BBC; 1991), which was set in a "wacky hotel".
  • In 1989 Fricke described "Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune" as a "wacky, brassy" "enigmatic Bruce-Brown [...]".
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