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Scharfrandgeschoss {n}
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Übersetzung für 'wadcutter' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Scharfrandgeschoss {n}weapons
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  • calibre pellets have wadcutter heads, meaning the front is (nearly) flat, that leave clean, hole punch-like round holes in paper targets for easy scoring.
  • It came with one 8-round magazine plus a separate recoil spring and one 7-round magazine for wadcutter ammunition.
  • 38 Special cartridge (with flush-seated, full wadcutter bullets only).
  • These pellets are wadcutter, meaning the pellet head is nearly completely flat, which leaves smooth-edged round holes in paper targets and allows easy gauging for scoring.
  • ... 38 wadcutter). Replacing the spring requires the removal of the slide assembly, which is blocked by a retaining pin held in place by a small set screw in the triggerguard.

  • The Lebel Model 1886 rifle was the first rifle and cartridge to be designed for use with smokeless powder and used an 8 mm wadcutter-shaped bullet that was drawn from a tubular magazine.
  • Cartridges loaded with wadcutter target bullets can be mistaken for blanks because the bullet does not protrude past the mouth of the cartridge casing.
  • Those models do not differentiate between wadcutter, flat-based, spitzer, boat-tail, very-low-drag, etc.
  • cupro-nickel-jacketed lead-cored flat-nosed wadcutter-style "Balle M" bullet designed by lieutenant colonel Nicolas Lebel achieving a muzzle velocity of [...].
  • Target airguns used for 10 metre air rifle and 10 metre air pistol competitions generally shoot wadcutter pellets at muzzle velocities around [...].

  • A semiwadcutter (SWC) or flat-nose is a type of all-purpose bullet commonly used in revolvers.
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