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VERB   to wad | wadded | wadded
wadding | wads
wadded {adj} {past-p}wattiert
wadded {adj} {past-p} [Br.]gestopft [österr.] [ugs.] [pej.] [wohlhabend]
wadded (up) {adj} {past-p}zusammengeknüllt
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  • Paper – Paper can be manually or mechanically wadded up and used as a cushioning material.
  • They shaped the foreheads of babies by first with a piece of cloth, then a thin board, and then a wadded cloth.
  • Accuracy was achieved by using wadded shots wrapped in sheepskin with ready-measured stacks of powder.
  • This form of kurta gradually began to replace the older angarkha worn in the Punjab region which fell to the knees, opened to either the left or the right, and was sometimes known as the anga, the older form of the angarkha and is similar to a gown or a loose coat and wadded with cotton.
  • Much like the sticks used in the game, the game ball is handmade from "tightly wadded cloth" and wrapped in a weaving of leather strips.

  • In the First Anglo-Burmese War, a Western observer at the Burmese capital noted of the army leaving for the front: "each man was attired in a comfortable campaign jacket of black cloth, thickly wadded and quilted with cotton".
  • If on the other hand the disturbance excited on the string by the hammer were communicated to the soundboard at too rapid a rate, these vibrations would die down so quickly that we would hear little more than a tuned thud, a louder version of what is produced by hitting a note while a wadded handkerchief is firmly pressed against the vibrating part of the string next to the bridge.
  • The facing and lining are padded with thick layer of wadded cotton for warmth.
  • "Qaba" ([...] "qabā") is a long coat with sleeves and buttons, similar to a cassock, open at the front. A qaba is similar to a wadded coat. It is considered as a piece of clothing of Turkic origin.
  • In outdoor campfires, paper can be wadded up to reduce this hazard; wadded paper also burns more quickly.

  • These materials include bubble wrap; wadded, crumpled or shredded paper; styrofoam; inflated air packs; and other materials.
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