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waded through {past-p}durchwatet
waded {past-p}gewatet
sb. wadedjd. watete
shot through-and-through {adj} {past-p} [by a bullet]durchschossen
through bill of lading <through B/L>
Durchkonnossement {n}
through-and-through wound
Durchschuss {m} [Schusswunde]
through-and-through wounds
Durchschüsse {pl}
through {adv}hindurch
through {adj}durchgehend
through {adv} {prep}durch
through {adv}zu Ende
through {adv}
durch- [in Verbindung mit Verben, z. B. durchgehen]
to slip throughdurchschlüpfen
to show throughdurchscheinen
way throughDurchreise {f}
to check throughdurchprüfen
to wear throughdurchwetzen
to look throughdurchsehen
soaked through {adj}durchnässt
to run throughdurchmachen
to help throughdurchhelfen
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Muir's reports revealed and highlighted the deteriorating conditions inside the Convention Center and Charity Hospital, as Muir and his photographer waded through chest-deep waters for blocks to find patients trapped inside the hospital.
  • He waded through the process because a good friend of his, Khayreddin al-Ahdab, was aiming for the same position.
  • Birmingham's fire department refused orders from Connor to turn the hoses on demonstrators again, and waded through the basement of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church to clean up water from earlier fire-hose flooding.
  • The majority of the first group immediately waded through the swamp to get to the nearby tree line and from there to the village, but a small party tasked with securing the landing zone had to wait in the swamp for the Chinook to pick up the remaining members of the company group and return to insert them at the landing zone.
  • The factory workers waded through the courts and legislative system with help from the experience of these other groups who had fought the same battle, and ultimately secured their right to operate the plant.

  • In the following years further expeditions took place: in 1986 the cave was deepened to -400 m, in 1987 to -500 m and the remains of Zokirov were returned to his family, in 1988 a siphon at -600 m was free-dived and also the barrier on the other side lowered so that the lake could be waded through, and a new branch of the cave was discovered - it continued to -900 m.
  • As the water was too shallow for the lifeboat, the crew of the "Ernest Williams" waded through the marshes, dragging the lifeboat's inflatable boarding boat while they looked for the vessel.
  • His men waded through knee-deep mud, but the attack failed and they had to withdraw to the start-line.
  • The gamble paid off: Spanish and Portuguese troops waded through the surf and stormed the intricate system of English trenches and parapets with cold steel.
  • When he comes to, he speaks of having waded through much tribulation and finding redemption through Christ.

  • They then withdrew from Jaffna and waded through Jaffna lagoon before being rescued by the Sea Tigers.
  • Its water discharge changes according to rainfall; it is one of the ten major rivers of Morocco, but frequently can be waded through even close to its outlet.
  • A range of individuals and groups contributed to the current revision including: the UCP Drafting Group, which waded through more than 5000 individual comments before arriving at this final text; the UCP Consulting Group, consisting of members from more than 25 countries, which served as the advisory body; the more than 400 members of the ICC Commission on Banking Technique and Practice who made pertinent suggestions for changes in the text; and 130 ICC National Committees worldwide which took an active role in consolidating comments from their members.
  • Members waded through snow [...] deep for [...] to reach the crash site.
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