Übersetzung für 'waded' von Englisch nach Deutsch
VERB   to wade | waded | waded
wading | wades
sb. wadedjd. watete
waded {past-p}gewatet
waded through {past-p}durchwatet
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Übersetzung für 'waded' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. waded
jd. watete
waded {past-p}

waded through {past-p}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Eventually it had to be abandoned and the crew and militia waded ashore but it was another twenty-four hours before the other ships were able to land their men and supplies.
  • A temporary wooden toll bridge is set up every year during the dry season south of Esquilinchuche crossing the Guayape River and taken down during the wet season when the river grows from one that can be waded to a torrent that is often over 1 km in width.
  • Abigail Becker on several occasions in the 19th century waded into stormy waters to save crew members of boats that had run aground.
  • soldiers waded ashore in the surf as the diversion at Cabañas proved highly effective.
  • The Minamoto warriors waded across, but their ambush failed when the Taira clan could distinguish dry friend from soaking, dripping wet foe, even in the pitch dark of night.

  • The factory workers waded through the courts and legislative system with help from the experience of these other groups who had fought the same battle, and ultimately secured their right to operate the plant.
  • On 6 August the division's infantry waded across the River Orne near Brieux, and then held its bridgehead against serious counter-attacks.
  • About 400 people waded deep into the sea and waited hours to be rescued.
  • Mary McCann immigrated to the United States from Athlone in Ireland, arriving in Ellis Island on April 24, 1904. waded into the East River and helped passengers to safety, including as many as nine children.
  • There was street fighting in Solesmes, but the troops waded across the Selle.

  • It is reported that Wright cried: "I will lose my life than let these men drown" as she waded into the icy waters.
  • Sahali first waded into the political arena in 1971, when he ran and won as Mayor of Panglima Sugala (formerly Balimbing).
  • The gamble paid off: Spanish and Portuguese troops waded through the surf and stormed the intricate system of English trenches and parapets with cold steel.
  • Abigail Becker on several occasions in the 19th century waded into stormy waters to save crew members of boats that had run aground.
  • At floodstage the Patuca can reach several miles in width. Its main tributary, the Guayape is known to exceed [...] in width nearly every year in areas that can be waded waist-deep in the dry season.

  • In November 1943, he was part of the Battle of Tarawa, and waded ashore with other Marines. Hatch used a Bell & Howell Eyemo to film the invasion and the ensuing combat.
  • Members waded through snow [...] deep for [...] to reach the crash site.
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