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NOUN   a wad | wads
VERB   to wad | wadded | wadded
wadding | wads
sb. wadsjd. wattiert
wadsBündel {pl}
wadsBausche {pl}
wadsBäusche {pl}
wadsBauschen {pl} [bayer., österr.] [Bausche]
wads {pl} of money [sl.]ein Batzen {m} Geld [ugs.]
wads of smoke [coll.]Rauchschwaden {pl}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Rather than plastic wads, traditional felt and paperboard wads are also generally used (both over powder and over shot) when reloading brass shotgun shells.
  • Gang members frequently committed robberies just so they could blow wads of money in the Outfit's speakeasies and other underworld hangouts.
  • ... "koropláthos", manufacturer of figurines) presses the clay pellets or wads against a wooden restraint.
  • He has learned the importance of money and power, and using it, he earns wads of money.
  • They will consume large amounts of greenery and find a cool place during the day to finish chewing their cuds, remnant wads of food that return from the stomach (eructation) to be chewed a second time for further digestion.

  • Rules permitting, the main cannon may also be used against buildings occupied by opposing players, and some tanks have been demonstrated firing canister shot consisting of several paintballs between two paper wads, or contained within a flimsy paper/foam sabot, to be used against players on open ground.
  • Synopsis: Two young opportunists steal a briefcase, which turns out to contain wads of money.
  • There were also wads of cotton in the left and right sides of Myeonryu-Gwan, and these were supposed to make the king oblivious to the influence of corrupt officials.
  • Because of this important difference, and because it uses standard shotshell wads, a wad slug can easily be reloaded using any standard modern shotshell reloading press without requiring specialized roll-crimp tools.
  • Shotshell cartridges known as "snake shot" or "rat-shot" used in rifles or handguns for pest control often have the shot charge sealed with cardboard or plastic wads or the ends may be crimped or folded in a manner similar to that of blank cartridges.

  • When Ray is out on his latest job - the turnover of a bank van carrying cash - he sees a boy putting wads of money into a rucksack.
  • For day to day means people will carry wads of Rls 100,000 notes.
  • The first mass-produced cotton swab was developed in 1923 by Polish-American Leo Gerstenzang after he watched his wife attach wads of cotton to toothpicks to clean their infant's ears.
  • In October 2018, video clips reportedly recorded by spy camera were published by an online medium "Daily Nigerian" showing the governor receiving wads of dollar notes in what appears to be bribe payments from contractors.
  • "À la poupée" is a largely historic intaglio printmaking technique for making colour prints by applying different ink colours to a single printing plate using ball-shaped wads of cloth, one for each colour.

  • Baker gained attention during the 2013 season for throwing wads of chewed gum onto the outfield grass after each half inning.
  • The trunk of the "Gum Tree," as it had been named, was covered in colorful wads of used gum.
  • The unit moved through Burma with the British Fourteenth Army running mobile canteens providing "char & wads".
  • <blockquote>One day in 1923, Leo Gerstenzang found himself watching his wife, Ziuta, applying cotton wads to toothpicks in an attempt to reach hard-to-clean areas.
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