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walking paceSchritttempo {n}
walking paceSchrittgeschwindigkeit {f}
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at walking pace {adv}im Schritt [im Schritttempo]
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at a walking pace {adv}im Schritt [im Schritttempo]
at a walking-pace {adv}im Schritt [im Schritttempo]
to go at walking pace
im Schritttempo fahren
to pacegehen
to paceschreiten
pace ... {prep}bei allem Respekt ... gegenüber
to paceauf und ab gehen
paceGeschwindigkeit {f}
to pacedurchschreiten
paceTempo {n}
paceStufe {f}
walking {adj} {pres-p}wandernd
walking {adj} {pres-p}umhergehend
walkingZufußgehen {n}
walking {adj} {pres-p}spazierend
walkingGehen {n}
walking {adj} {pres-p}gehend
to pace [horse]
im Passgang gehen
ambling pace
Passschritt {m}
pace [horse]
Gangart {f}
ordinary pacenormale Geschwindigkeit {f}
to gain pace
an Fahrt gewinnen
slow pacelangsamer Gang {m}
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  • Moving walkways generally move at a slower speed than a natural walking pace, and even when people continue walking after they step on a moving walkway they tend to slow their pace to compensate, thus moving walkways only minimally improve travel times and overall transport capacity.
  • The infantry tank was designed to work in concert with infantry in the assault, moving mostly at a walking pace, and carrying heavy armour to survive defensive fire.
  • Most of them glide at little more than walking pace and few weigh more than 500 grams.
  • He approaches the female at a rapid walking pace while emitting repetitive quiet notes, often bowing and turning as he comes closer.
  • They ignored the rules of the company which required a fireman walking 800 yards in advance of the train and proceeding at a walking pace.

  • After the ceremony, Darwish's coffin was taken in a cortege at walking pace from the Mukataa to the Palace of Culture, gathering thousands of followers along the way.
  • At around 12:20 the transporter turned off the A51 into Station Road and slowed to walking pace as it approached the crossing.
  • That path was just passable by cattle or horses at walking pace though considered easy for pedestrians or sheep to negotiate.
  • The phalanx usually advanced at a walking pace, although it is possible that they picked up speed during the last several yards.
  • Trains cross at less than walking pace and trucks were limited to 30 t, necessitating heavier trucks making a long diversion via the Kazungula Ferry or Chirundu Bridge.

  • Analysis has shown that the pebbles were deposited by a stream that flowed at walking pace and was ankle- to hip-deep.
  • The Terrain Response system remains but with two new features – the 'Sand' mode incorporates a new traction control mode to prevent loss of traction when starting off and stopping in soft sand, and the 'Rock Crawl' mode gains a feature that applies gentle brake pressure at low (less than walking pace) speeds to improve grip and stability on slick rock.
  • Typically, step counters are reasonably accurate at a walking pace on a flat surface if the device is placed in its optimal position (usually vertically on the belt clip).
  • With a slow walking pace, the hunter will move forward while scanning for eyeshine.
  • Analysis has shown that the pebbles were deposited by a stream that flowed at walking pace and was ankle- to hip-deep.

  • During the first actions with tanks, it became clear that infantry often could not keep up with the tanks; not because soldiers were too slow—the early tanks themselves could only move at a walking pace—but because soldiers on foot remained vulnerable to machine gun fire, though tanks had been invented to solve that problem.
  • The carriages ran on two parallel concrete beams and were guided by pulleys running on the inner side of these concrete beams, and were propelled by gripping a revolving screw thread running between the tracks in a pit; by adjusting the pitch of this thread at different points, the carriages could be sped up, or slowed down to a walking pace at stations, to allow passengers to join and leave.
  • Under Article 44 of the Dutch traffic code, motorised traffic in a [...] or "recreation area" is restricted to walking pace.
  • Work carried out by a scientific witness and reported by the committee showed that the Davy lamp became unsafe in airflows so low that a Davy lamp carried at normal walking pace against normal airflows in walkways was only safe if provided with a draught shield [...] (not normally fitted), and the committee noted that accidents had happened when the lamp was "in general and careful use; no one survived to tell the tale of how these occurrences took place; conjecture supplied the want of positive knowledge most unsatisfactorily; but incidents are recorded which prove what must follow unreasonable testing of the lamp; and your Committee are constrained to believe that ignorance and a false reliance upon its merits, in cases attended with unwarrantable risks, have led to disastrous consequences" [...] The "South Shields Committee", a body set up by a public meeting there (in response to an explosion at the St Hilda pit in 1839) to consider the prevention of accidents in mines had shown that mine ventilation in the North-East was generally deficient, with an insufficient supply of fresh air giving every opportunity for explosive mixtures of gas to accumulate.
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