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VERB   to wedge | wedged | wedged
wedging | wedges
wedging {adj} {pres-p}einzwängend
wedging {adj} {pres-p}keilend
wedgingVerkeilen {n}
Verklotzung {f}
clay wedgingTonkneten {n}
foot wedgingTonkneten {n} mit den Füßen
frost wedging
Frostsprengung {f}
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  • By drilling a small pilot hole into the material, into which a screw is then driven, less wedging takes place, thereby reducing the likelihood of the material being split.
  • , wedging between Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquillitatis on their eastern border.
  • Their habit of wedging a large food item in a crevice and then hacking at it with their strong bills gives this group its English name.
  • She had achieved one of her main objectives: wedging her way into the Anglophone market and achieving fame.
  • had broken a door by wedging a penny in it, an event referenced multiple times throughout the course of the show.
  • But rather than simply wedging themselves between these players, content engineers help define and facilitate the content structure during the entire content strategy, production and distribution cycle from beginning to end.
  • Due to the wedging effect of the tapered thread, extreme care must be used to avoid overtightening the joint.
  • The pulmonary wedge pressure (PWP), also called pulmonary arterial wedge pressure (PAWP), pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP), pulmonary artery occlusion pressure (PAOP), or cross-sectional pressure, is the pressure measured by wedging a pulmonary artery catheter with an inflated balloon into a small pulmonary arterial branch.
  • The cone clutch transfers a higher torque than plate or disk clutches of the same size due to the wedging action and increased surface area.
  • It is possible to use the basic method without the manufactured prop by breaking a piece of lead from a pencil tip and wedging it under a thumb nail.
  • For example, a tapered hand reamer with a clockwise spiral will tend to self feed as it is used, possibly leading to a wedging action and consequent breakage.
  • Luxating elevators are thinner and sharper, for more delicate use in severing and wedging the ligament.
  • Q-slope has also been applied in slopes with interbedded strata, in faulted rocks and fault zones, and in alpine and Arctic environments, which are susceptible to freeze-thaw and ice wedging.
  • In Graz, the sculpture lies scattered around the place, like the remains of a calculated disaster: the upper floor slides upon the ground floor wedging itself onto it, while the roof leans against the Kunsthaus' walls, menacing to take over the entire space.
  • This process is referred to as Ice Wedging and the repeating of this process causes the formation of a Fin.
  • They evade predators by wedging themselves firmly in rock cracks.
  • Wedging is the process by which small cracks appear in the bed of the river which are enlarged by smaller particles.
  • This is called de-airing and can be accomplished by a machine called a vacuum pug or manually by wedging.
  • Few wooden hafts have been found from this period, but it seems that the axe was normally hafted by wedging.
  • "Ad hoc" fastening methods in centuries past included anything from pinning with clenching or wedging; nailing; lashing with cords of leather or fiber; dogging down (again involving pinning/wedging/clenching); or other types.
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