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without number {adj} [postpos.]zahllos
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times without number {adv} [literary] [idiom]unzählige Male
identification number <ID number>Identifikationsnummer {f} <ID-Nummer>
commutative number <c-number>
c-Zahl {f}
identification number <ID number> Identifizierungs­nummer {f} <IdNr., ID-Nr., ID-Nummer>
quantum number <q-number>
Quantenzahl {f} <q-Zahl>
European number of identification <ENI, ENI number>
ENI-Nummer {f}
patient identification number <patient ID number>
Patientenkennnummer {f}
identification number <ID, ID number>Kennnummer {f} <Kenn-Nr.>
without {prep}sonder [selten, veraltend]
without ice {adv}ohne Eis
without restraint {adv}ungehemmt
without delay {adv}umgehend
without bread {adj} {adv}brotlos
without complaining {adv}ohne sich zu beschweren
without speaking {adv}wortlos
without sensation {adj}pelzig [empfindungs­los]
without complaining {adv}ohne zu mucken [ugs.]
without loss {adv} {adj}verlustlos
without fail {adv}bestimmt
without complications {adv}unkompliziert
without residue {adv}rückstandsfrei
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • There are also similarities to John Brunner's "Times Without Number", which was originally published in 1962 and revised for re-publication in 1969.
  • The Ilha Grande National Park was created by decree without number issued by the Presidency of the Republic on 30 September 1997.
  • They hoped this occasion would see the image of the "Chief pipes Poyle sand without number, on a silver field," an ancient statue carving chisel of an academician who does not lead wide.
  • However, since single-truck trams without number boxes were used on this line, the route number was never displayed.
  • John Mulholland stated that "Palladino was caught cheating times without number even by those who believed in her, and she made no bones about admitting it."

  • Although not vegetarian himself and vehemently against the idea that Christians must be vegetarians, Augustine nevertheless wrote that those Christians who "abstain both from flesh and from wine" are "without number".
  • According to regulations the company badge – the letters 'IY' surmounted by the number – was worn on the shoulder strap, but the 42nd seem to have worn 'IY' (without number) on the collar instead.
  • held that there could not be any common in gross without number.
  • His work "Di alcuni pesci del mare di Puglia" (1827) also contains explicit references to what he considered unnatural interpretations which, through the analysis of the fossils, dated the Earth too far back ("to imagine centuries without number").
  • She successfully managed church and charitable associations without number.

  • In networks without number portability, it is normal that the MSIN has a structure and that, by analysing the first few digits we can further route the message to the right element.
  • But because many roads are narrow roads and interchange without number up or down in the southern Gyeonggi Province cars coming around me and crowded roads and roads are seldom uncomplicated time.
  • Sergey Katanandov, the head of Karelia Republic, told "Izvestia" on September 6 about a gang of Chechens who drove around the town in a Mercedes without number plates 'terrorising locals'.
  • In June 1830, Smith dictated a revelation in which Moses narrates a vision in which he sees "worlds without number" and speaks with God about the purpose of creation and about humankind's relationship to deity.
  • "Times Without Number" is a time travel/alternate history novel by John Brunner.

  • Along with his partners Aurelio Nuño and Carlos Mac Gregor they have received over time, without number of recognitions, among which are the Silver Medal of the Sixth Interarch 91 Architecture Biennial in Bulgaria, the Special Prize of the City of Frankfurt for the Metro stations on line A in Mexico City, as well as the "Antonio Attolini Lack" award for his career in 2009, by the Universidad Anáhuac campus México Sur.
  • On many road signs along the route, the characteristic green octagonal marker of the Italian motorways still bears the letter "A" without number.
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