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without peristome {adj} [postpos.]
Peristom {n}
peristome type
Peristomtyp {m}
peristome ring
Peristomkreis {m}
peristome teeth
Peristomzähne {pl}
nematodontous peristome
nematodontes Peristom {n}
arthrodontous peristome
arthrodontes Peristom {n}
type of peristome
Peristomtyp {m}
without {prep}sonder [selten, veraltend]
without intermission {adv}ohne Unterbrechung
without interruption {adv}ohne Unterbrechung
without engagement {adv}ohne Verbindlichkeit
without objectivity {adv}unsachlich
without delay {adv}ohne Verzögerung
without delay {adv}ohne Verzug
without inhibition {adj} {adv}unbefangen [ungehemmt]
without question {adv}fraglos
without ceremony {adv}ohne Umstände
without distinction {adv}unterschiedslos
without debt {adv}ohne Schulden
without difficulty {adv}ohne Schwierigkeit
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  • The genus is characterized by a compressed shell as much as 5 cm in diameter, with a strongly constricted mature peristome that has shallow dorsolateral sinus, a moderately deep rounded ventral sinus, but without conspicuous lappets, and ornamented by moderately strong transverse ribs and numerous stronger longitudinal lirae, producing a weakly reticulate pattern.
  • The shell has moderate size for the genus, brown, without hairs, completely flat, umbilicated, the ends of the peristome connected with a thin callus. The width of the shell is 17–20 mm.
  • schmitzi": the ants remove debris and mold from the peristome, which thus remains smooth and slippery and has a longer operational lifespan.
  • Operculariids can be distinguished from other sessile peritrichs (many of which share very similar body plans) by their prominent, non-contractile stalk; peristome without lip; and elongate, horseshoe-shaped macronucleus [...].
  • The opening thus revealed is called the "stoma" (meaning "mouth") and is surrounded by one or two peristomes.

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