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NOUN   a witticism | witticisms
SYNO humor | humour | wit | ...
witticismWitz {m}
witticismBonmot {n}
witticismGeistreichelei {f}
witticismScherzwort {n}
witticismhumorvolle und geistreiche Bemerkung {f}
cheap witticismbilliger Witz {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Each panel exhibited a flapper wearing one of the current fashions, with a witticism typed at the bottom.
  • Joseph's feelings towards religion are reflected in a witticism he once spoke in Paris.
  • The actors had a list of possible scenarios, each with a very basic plot, called a "canovaccio", and throughout would perform physical-comedy acts known as "lazzi" (from Italian "lazzo", a joke or witticism) and the dialogue was improvised.
  • However, according to his "Wisden" obituary, the witticism was probably first coined by Alan Ross in a report in "The Observer" of the New Zealanders' match against Sussex in 1969.
  • His simple poetic language is also famous for its witticism and satire.

  • A political farce it was described in one review as "domestic comedy touched-up with witticism some good, some feeble, about the Labour Party government".
  • The witticism describing Goldie's fifty years in the Protectorate, was that in Western Solomon Islands, there were three 'Gs': in descending order of importance: Goldie, God and Government.
  • Franklin's Jackass is a reference to a witticism by Benjamin Franklin, in which he derided property qualifications on the right to vote by asking whether the right to vote belongs to the man or to the jackass that he owns.
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going is a popular witticism in American English.
  • According to the WPA Federal Writers' Project publication "Alabama: A Guide to the Deep South", a popular witticism among Lewis's colleagues was the observation that Alabama had the largest representation of any state.

  • Classified as a witticism, the moral of this story is intended to inform listeners to be conscientious of their speech and to recognize that the setting of a social situation and the timing of an utterance are critical factors in determining the appropriateness of what is said.
  • The title comes from Dorothy Parker's witticism that the Bloomsbury Group, whose lives it portrays, had "lived in squares, painted in circles and loved in triangles".
  • He once said of Swift that he would be "a beast for ever, after the order of Melchisedeck", and Swift reported the witticism in the "Journal to Stella".
  • Each line spoken by Churchill is a well-known witticism commonly attributed to him.
  • A quip is an observation or saying that has some wit but perhaps descends into sarcasm, or otherwise is short of a point, and a witticism also suggests the diminutive.

  • The witticism, attributed to various modernist architects, that had they to choose any place in New Haven to live s/he would select the Harkness Tower, for then they "would not have to look at it," is apparently apocryphal, derivative of a similar story told of Guy de Maupassant and the Eiffel Tower.
  • In this panel, which featured a flapper illustration and a witticism, Hays "moved away from the fancy style of Nell Brinkley, drawing sleeker women with short hair—some even wearing pants."
  • A common witticism resulted from a marriage that he wanted to enter into when he was over sixty years old: his vicar having refused to solemnize the marriage, Gaulmin himself declared that the young girl would become his wife; following this, the phrase “Gaulmin marriage” (“mariage à la Gaulmine”) was used.
  • Nate Ryan of NBC Sports said that while there's "no alliterative witticism in the NASCAR vernacular to describe the practice of deliberately impeding another driver’s progress (blocking)," there's "one truism about the maneuver" in that "[...]t comes with consequences.
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