Übersetzung für 'x-coordinate' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   an x-coordinate | x-coordinates
Abszisse {f}
x-Koordinate {f}
Abszissenwert {m}
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Übersetzung für 'x-coordinate' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Abszisse {f}math.

x-Koordinate {f}math.

Abszissenwert {m}math.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • the ordered pairs where the "x" coordinates can be 0 or 1, and the y coordinates can be 0, 1, or 2, where addition in the "x"-coordinate is modulo 2 and addition in the "y"-coordinate is modulo 3.
  • Since the "x"-coordinate increases linearly, we can write this in shorthand as the set of all "y"-coordinates.
  • In common usage, the abscissa refers to the ("x") coordinate and the ordinate refers to the ("y") coordinate of a standard two-dimensional graph.
  • For example, for two dimensions, the odd levels of the tree might contain ranges for the "x"-coordinate, while the even levels contain ranges for the "y"-coordinate.
  • The action of e on "P" reduces the plane to a line: It can be decomposed into the projection into the x-coordinate, then quarter-turning the result to the y-axis: e ("x" + "y" e) = "x" e since e2 = 0.

  • A titration curve is a curve in graph the "x"-coordinate of which represents the volume of titrant added since the beginning of the titration, and the "y"-coordinate of which represents the concentration of the analyte at the corresponding stage of the titration (in an acid–base titration, the "y"-coordinate usually represents the pH of the solution).
  • For each of these, multiply the distance to the closest line with integer "x"-coordinate by the distance to the closest line with integer "y"-coordinate.
  • The first problem can be solved by binary search on the "x" coordinate of the vertical lines in O(log "n") time.
  • Once the engine reaches a solid (1-sided) wall at a particular x coordinate, no more lines need to be drawn at that area.
  • The Y coordinate can simply be put in the high byte of the address, and the X coordinate in the low byte, forming the address of the pixel without a multiply.

  • (a.k.a., the Dirichlet function) has no limit at any "x"-coordinate.
  • (the "x" coordinate of the point). Most standardized protocols based on ECDH derive a symmetric key from [...] using some hash-based key derivation function.
  • As for the integral points, Siegel's theorem generalizes to the following: Let "E" be an elliptic curve defined over a number field "K", "x" and "y" the Weierstrass coordinates.
  • As can be seen in the illustration above, the sine of the angle [...] is the "y" coordinate of the final vector [...] while the "x" coordinate is the cosine value.
  • The points of the Moulton plane are the points of the Euclidean plane, with coordinates in the usual way.

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