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x-piece place setting
x-teiliges Besteck {n} [Garnitur]
x-piece flatware place setting
x-teilige Besteckgarnitur {f}
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  • It was based on "Schrei X", a 1994 radio piece which was a co-commission to Galás by New American Radio and the Walker Art Center, and it has been described as an "unrelenting" portrait of a body suffering torture in a medical facility.
  • The piece measures, a comparatively tiny, 16 cm x 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm.
  • The recording is a major plot piece of "Little Green Men", a season 2 episode of "The X-Files".
  • In 2017, Heaton, Taylor and Young reformed Liberty X as a three-piece girl group and have continued touring at music festivals and Pride events.
  • Jek Tono Porkins is a famously overweight Red Squadron pilot whose death is depicted in "A New Hope" (played by William Hootkins) when his X-wing is destroyed after being hit by a piece of a broken laser battery crashing into the star fighter's frame.

  • The Sudarium of Oviedo, or Shroud of Oviedo, is a bloodstained piece of cloth measuring c. 84 x 53 cm (33 x 21 inches) kept in the Cámara Santa of the Cathedral of San Salvador, Oviedo, Spain.
  • In an X-ray tube, electrons are accelerated in a vacuum by an electric field towards a piece of metal called the "target".
  • "The World of Greyhawk" consisted of a 32-page folio (the first edition is often called the "World of Greyhawk folio" to distinguish it from later editions) and a 34" x 44" (86 cm x 112 cm) two-piece color map of the Flanaess.
  • Either way, the show captured the attention of many young television viewers and is often considered a classic piece of 1990s youth culture and Generation X.
  • When driven tools are used the work piece stops rotating and the driven tool executes the machining operation with a rotating cutting tool.

  • Framing is when a story or piece of news is portrayed in a particular way and is meant to sway the consumers attitude one way or the other.
  • Despite the nature of the story as a period piece, Wilson peppers his speech with anachronistic slang from the 1990s.
  • The piece is now displayed in the museum at Fort Tejon State Historic Park.
  • The largest, named the "Max von Laue Hall", has a concrete floor over 300m long that was poured as a single piece in order to limit vibrations.
  • The stitcher counts the threads on a piece of evenweave fabric (such as linen) in each direction so that the stitches are of uniform size and appearance.

  • For example, the realistic sound of bacon frying can be the crumpling of cellophane, while rain may be recorded as salt falling on a piece of tinfoil.
  • The following scheme illustrates how each piece of order "n" is a linear combination of the pieces of B-splines of order "n" − 1 to its left.
  • ... the role of Dominican missionaries in China and in the Indies), it is reasonable to think that they considered Marco's book as a trustworthy piece of information for missions in the East.
  • Rictor is sent into a spiral when Shatterstar appears and tries to reconnect, causing him to cleave the piece of land where the Lighthouse stands into a new island off the coast of the UK.
  • The clearest accounts of Victor's childhood begin with him murdering his brother Luther Creed over a piece of pie.

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