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NOUN   an x-plate | x-plates
x-platesHorizontalablenkplatten {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'x-plates' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Horizontalablenkplatten {pl}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • X-ray machines are used in health care for visualising bone structures, during surgeries (especially orthopedic) to assist surgeons in reattaching broken bones with screws or structural plates, assisting cardiologists in locating blocked arteries and guiding stent placements or performing angioplasties and for other dense tissues such as tumours.
  • Non-commercial vehicles (nationwide registration number "00-X-0000": X is one Hangeul character denoting type of vehicle) bear plates with white background and black letters, while commercial vehicles (Region name is added as prefix like "Seoul 12 GA 3456") with yellow background and black letters.
  • Meaning "the butterfly," le Papillon was a small French stereo camera which made 45mm x 107mm stereoscopic images on glass plates in single plateholders.
  • Scientists have had some success focusing X-rays with microscopic Fresnel zone plates made from gold, and by critical-angle reflection inside long tapered capillaries.
  • Jean Mueller spent hundreds of hours (in her spare time) scanning POSS II plates under high magnification looking for comets, fast-moving asteroids, and supernovae on an X/Y stage that held the 1 mm thick glass plates.

  • The X Specification includes eight unique duo-tone paint treatments and carbon-fibre door mirrors and heel plates, titanium exhaust, carbon-fibre finish to the interior side panels and carbon-fibre engine cover, a gloss black finish to the 21-inch forged wheels.
  • Overall, patient exposure can range from 2 millisieverts (equivalent of about 20 chest x-ray plates) to 20 millisieverts.
  • The secondary is typically suspended by X-shaped struts (sometimes called a "spider") in the path of light between the source and the primary, but can be mounted on other types of mounts or optical elements such as optical windows, or schmidt and meniscus corrector plates.
  • A steel structure, two heavy plates intersecting in right angle under the center of the LBS and welded to the LBS, supports the LBS and transfers the mechanical load to the building.
  • A fine mist of oil droplets was sprayed into a chamber above the plates.

  • The structural steelwork including angles, plates, channels etc.
  • Gang runs are generally used with sheet-fed printing presses and CMYK process color jobs, which require four or eight separate plates that are hung on the plate cylinder of the press.
  • The new chassis plates lower the motor and transmission slightly to improve GC, and it now includes a standard composite roll bar and detachable roll hoop to protect the engine.
  • ... 4 cm), that it was printed from three different plates.
  • Parallel to the single British 15th printing, Houghton Mifflin reprinted "The Hobbit" nine times from their own plates until the advent of the third edition.

  • The output of the mixer was sent to the Y-axis deflection plates in a specially designed high-quality CRT.
  • In January 1975, the Porter Cab too was lightly modified to fit the new larger license plates - hitherto, kei cars had carried smaller license plates than regular cars ([...] x [...] rather than 330 x 165 mm).
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