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crossing <Xing, X-ing, xing> [Am. abbreviations]
Straßenkreuzung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'xing' von Englisch nach Deutsch

crossing <Xing, X-ing, xing> [Am. abbreviations]
Straßenkreuzung {f}traffic
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  • In "Chinese Thought: An Introduction", S. Y. Hsieh suggests a set of assumptions underlying the concept of (xing-ming).
  • The earliest known datable Buddhist Tantra is possibly the Mahavairocana Tantra, which was mentioned and collected by the Chinese pilgrim Wu-xing (無行) c. 680 CE.
  • At that time Han xing Chiao was already his student.
  • In 2007 he appeared (with John Duncan) at the Netmage festival in Bologna organized by xing and executed "Something Like Seeing in the Dark".
  • 61. Zuo Renying simply Ying, styled Xing and Zi-xing (左人郢 simply 郢, 行 and 子行), a native of Lu. His tablet follows that of No. 59.

  • Shao Fei was a prominent member of the Stars Art Group (xing xing) from 1979-80.
  • Chen Wen-xing (born 10 November 1964) is a Taiwanese sprinter. She competed in the women's 4 × 100 metres relay at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
  • Chen's given name was Man (滿), and his "xing" (姓) or surname was Gui (媯), which is the ancestor of the surname Chen (陈/陳).
  • The mountains represent earth, the cups metal, the pondweed water, the rice grains wood, and fire, which are all representations of "wu xing".
  • Neo-Confucians understand "qing" as products of environmental circumstances affecting "xing", or innate human nature.

  • Mencius incorporated the Yangist concept of "xing" into his own philosophy. Some sinologists have argued that Yangism influenced Taoism, and can be seen as a "precursor" to later Taoist beliefs.
  • The Huaxinghui (...), commonly translated as the China Revival Society or China Arise Society, was founded by Huang Xing and Zhang Shizhao on 15 February 1904 with the election of Huang Xing as its president, in Changsha of Hunan for the explicit political goal of overthrowing the Qing dynasty and establishing a democratic and free country.
  • The "Xunzi" uses "ganying" "joint resonance" to explain the harmonious connection between a person's "xing" 性 "inborn nature" and "jing" 精 "essence; senses".
  • Xingxing 猩猩 or shengsheng 狌狌"a monkey; orangutan" reduplicates "xing", which graphically combines the "quadruped radical" with a "xing" 星 "star" phonetic, or with "sheng" 生 "life" in the variant "xing" or "sheng" 狌.
  • The "xingxing" ("xīng xīng"; [...]) written "shengsheng" ("shēng shēng"; [...]) in older writings is found in a number of pieces of Chinese literature, dating back to several centuries B.C.

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