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Xiphos {m}
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Übersetzung für 'xiphos' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Xiphos {m}weapons
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  • The word "xiphoid" derives from the Greek word "xiphos" for straight sword, the tip of which the process somewhat resembles.
  • "Xiphopteris" is a defunct genus of ferns in the family Polypodiaceae. The name is derived from two Greek words: "xiphos", "sword", and "pteris", "fern".
  • "Throscodectes xiphos" is a species of insect in family Tettigoniidae. It is endemic to Australia.
  • In the event of close combat, or in circumstances where the "sarissa" was impractical, a variety of swords were employed - the classic "xiphos", the "kopis" and the "makhaira", for example.
  • The specific epithet is taken from the Greek words "xiphos" meaning "sword" and "phyllon" meaning "leaf" in reference to the shape of the phyllodes.

  • The straight-bladed shortsword known as the xiphos (ξίφος) is depicted in works of art, and two types of single-edged cutting swords, the kopis and machaira, are shown in images and are mentioned in texts.
  • An exception is the "xiphos" from Greece, the development of which continued for several more centuries.
  • He digs up a xiphos and considers fleeing, but returns to the farmstead.
  • While Xenophon states that the xiphos was the conventional sword used by the Greek soldier of his time, he recommended the makhaira for cavalry.
  • The early Celtic La Tène short sword, contemporary with the "xiphos", had a virtually identical blade design as the "xiphos".

  • The Latin specific epithet "Xiphium" refers to the Greek word for sword "xiphos".
  • Andrew Smith, the redoubtable Scots explorer and zoologist, first described the kingklip in 1847 from a specimen caught near the entrance to Table Bay and named it "Xiphiurus capensis" ('xiphos'=sword, 'oura'=tail).
  • Greece affected Thracian warfare early on with the xiphos and other swords, Greek type greaves, breastplates, a variety of helmets and other equipment.
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