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NOUN   xylanase | xylanases
Xylanase {f}
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Übersetzung für 'xylanase' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Xylanase {f}biochem.
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  • Enzymes like xylanase have been used in pulp bleaching to increase the efficiency of other bleaching chemicals.
  • It is also used as a source of the enzymes xylanase and beta-glucanase which are a non-starch polysaccharide hydrolysing enzymes used in the pig feed Rovabio Excel.
  • From some "Mortierella" species it is also known that they are able to degrade hemicelluloses to sugar by using the enzyme xylanase.
  • ... phytase and xylanase) must be able to withstand this thermal challenge without being irreversibly inactivated.
  • Xylanase convert xylan into xylose. Given that plants contain a up to 30% xylan, xylanase is important to the nutrient cycle.

  • In the future, xylanase may be used for the production of biofuel from unusable plant material.
  • Through comparison to the structural data of the homologous enzyme xylanase, it has been suggested that Tyr504 of β-glucuronidase might stabilize the leaving nucleophile (Glu540) or modulate its activity.
  • Cyclized beta-lactamase, phytase, firefly luciferase, and xylanase (to name a few) have shown retained enzyme activity even after being subjected to heat at 100 °C.
  • oxysporum" has a potential function in textile processes or paper/feed industries due to the xylanase resistance to most of tested neutral and alkaline proteases, meaning that xylanase would not be broken down by other protease, which allows it to continuously break down fiber into paper-making materials.
  • versicolor" has high activity levels of xylanase, an enzyme that breaks down hemicellulose in plant cell walls.

  • Enzymatic treatments with xylanase has the goal to improve the functional and expansive properties of horse gram seeds in order to facilitate the use as an ingredient in the food industry.
  • Novozymes also offers Cellic HTec3 that is a hemicellulase complex that has different endo-xylanase and beta-xylosidase activities.
  • Cellulase and hemicellulase (also known as xylanase) are the two main representatives of these enzymes.
  • The induction of xylanase enzymes varies between strains; in group D1 strains (49, H17c, 12) xylanase expression appears to be constitutively expressed, while groups B1 (113) and C (CF3) are induced only by growth on xylan, and those of group B2 are induced by growth on xylan or arabinose.
  • Glycoside hydrolase family 10 CAZY GH_10 comprises enzymes with a number of known activities; xylanase (...); endo-1,3-beta-xylanase (...); cellobiohydrolase (...).

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