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xylophagous {adj}
xylophagous {adj} [feeding on wood]
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Übersetzung für 'xylophagous' von Englisch nach Deutsch

xylophagous {adj}
xylophagous {adj} [feeding on wood]
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  • The larvae, typically xylophagous, attack trees of the genus "Nothofagus", the vicariant of beeches in the Southern Hemisphere. The adults are diurnal and can often be found on leaves.
  • The larvae are xylophagous and attack wood or roots of broad-leaf trees.
  • Animals feeding only on dead wood are called sapro-xylophagous or saproxylic.
  • The superfamily Siricoidea is an archaic group of the order Hymenoptera, consisting of six families (four extinct) of xylophagous sawflies.
  • A large number of the polyplacophorans from great depths are herbivorous or xylophagous, which could explain the difference between the distribution of monoplacophorans and polyplacophorans in the world's oceans.

  • Like other primitive beetles, they are thought to have been xylophagous.
  • Larvae are believed to feed on wood (xylophagous) or fungi (mycophagous).
  • punctulatus" is a xylophagous cockroach that will live its entire life in moist dead logs that it consumes.
  • Larvae of these beetles are xylophagous. They mainly feed on downy oak ("Quercus pubescens"), evergreen oak ("Quercus ilex") and cork oak ("Quercus suber").
  • Larvae are xylophagous. These stem borers live and feed mostly in longitudinal galleries on etruscan honeysuckle ("Lonicera etrusca").

  • The eating of wood, whether live or dead, is known as xylophagy. The activity of animals feeding only on dead wood is called sapro-xylophagy and those animals, sapro-xylophagous.
  • Shortly after a nuptial flight, the fully claustral male and female pairs set off to immediately find a safe location to found a new colony, and unlike their xylophagous relatives, instead sequester themselves within the native sand-clay soils of their habitat.
  • They are thought to have been xylophagous (wood eating), which is presumed to be the ancestral ecology of beetles.
  • Larvae are xylophagous and they are usually found inside decaying trunks.
  • The larvae are sapro-xylophagous and will spend two years feeding on rotting logs.

  • Because termites are xylophagous, their colonies usually are located in the roots or trunks of old trees.
  • Main hosts of "Rhyssa persuasoria" are the larvae of horntails or wood wasps ("Urocerus gigas", Siricidae species, a type of xylophagous sawfly), as well as larvae of longhorn beetles ("Spondylis buprestoides", "Monochamus sutor") and great capricorn beetle ("Cerambyx cerdo").
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