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y'all {pron} [coll., esp. Southern Am.]ihr
all y'all {pron} [Am.] [coll.]ihr (alle)
I know all y'all. [Am.] [sl.]Ich kenne euch alle.
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  • A powerful comment came from Shane Sparks stating that "It was like y'all took elements from every group, made y'all own crew, and did it better than everyone else!
  • . y'all hurry back, ya hear?". The boat then enters a final cave which is studded with multicolored diamonds, and then the ride ends.
  • 2", Peter Quill/Star Lord compares Yondu to Mary Poppins at the climax, leading to him (who does not know the character) proudly proclaiming "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!
  • Where the chorus in "It's Mine" (sung by Nas) goes "Y'all need to give it up/We don't give a fuck/What y'all niggas want/Thug life is mine".
  • "All y'all", "all of y'all", and "alls y'all" are used by some speakers to indicate a larger group than is necessarily implied by simply "y'all".

  • Jones made several statements after killing Plesec, screaming in the building lobby "Fuck Trump", "A life for a life" and "I did it fo y'all, man."
  • This mirrors the development of the use of "you" in English, which replaced "thee/thou", and in which certain modern varieties developed a form for second person plural, notable examples would be "y'all, you guys", and "youse".
  • Davis said "I can't tell y'all how pumped I am for y'all to hear these songs.
  • He finishes the song with the line, "Y'all got til April the 7th to get y'all shit together", hinting at the release date for his fourth album (the date turned out to be the day pre-orders opened and the release date was announced to be April 14).
  • Draper James has been featured in "People", "Vanity Fair", "Oprah Magazine", and "Coveteur", among others, and the signature "totes y'all" bag was seen in the Gilmore Girls Revival.

  • He said to Hinton, "All of y'all blacks always say you didn’t do something."
  • The wolf lights a match and says "Goodnight, y'all-y'all-y'all-y'all" as the cartoon closes.
  • She would later confirm this in an interview stating that "If y'all don’t know, this my boy right here.
  • In a comment which Watkins later deleted, he told the fans to "get a life and go to work" and "continue working y'all little jobs for the rest of y'all lives".
  • According to its composer Ian Tyson, Bogguss' recording of "Someday Soon" was due to steel guitarist Tommy Spurlock, Tyson's sometimes sideman, playing on the sessions for the "Aces" album:(Ian Tyson quote:) "He said; "Why don't y'all do 'Someday Soon', that old song of Tyson's?

  • For example "at" 'horse' > "akkït" 'y'all's horse', > "appït" 'our horse'.
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