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NOUN   a yin-yang symbol | yin-yang symbols
yin-yang symbol [also: yin yang symbol, yin/yang symbol]
Yin-Yang-Symbol {n}
up the yin-yang {adv} [Am.] [coll.]
in Hülle und Fülle
to have sth. up the yin-yang [Am.] [coll.]etw.Akk. en masse haben [ugs.]
yin and yang [opposite sides, elements, or extremes]
Yin und Yang {n}
Yin {n} [weibliches/passives Element i. d. chin. Philosophie]
Yang {n} [männliches/aktives Element i. d. chin. Philosophie]
Jang {n} [Rsv.] [Yang]
Yang-Mills theory
Yang-Mills-Theorie {f}
Yang-Mills equations
Yang-Mills-Gleichungen {pl}
Formelzeichen {n}
Zeichen {n} [wissenschaftl., algebr., auf Landkarte]
symbolAbzeichen {n}
Kurzzeichen {n}
symbolSinnbild {n}
symbolSymbol {n}
Schläfli symbol
Schläfli-Symbol {n}
phonetic symbol
Lautzeichen {n}
symbol explanationSymbolerklärung {f}
symbol key
Symboltaste {f}
symbol font
Symbolschrift {f}
Pochhammer symbol
Pochhammer-Symbol {n}
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  • Yin-Yang-Symbol {n} = yin-yang symbol [also: yin yang symbol, yin/yang symbol]
  • Yin Yang Huo {n} = horny goat weed [genus: Epimedium]
  • Yin und Yang {n} = yin and yang [opposite sides, elements, or extremes]
  • Yang-Mills-Theorie {f} = Yang-Mills theory
  • Yang-Mills-Gleichungen {pl} = Yang-Mills equations
  • Yin {n} [weibliches/passives Element i. d. chin. Philosophie] = Yin
  • Yang {n} [männliches/aktives Element i. d. chin. Philosophie] = Yang
  • Symbol {n} = glyph
  • Symbol {n} = icon
  • Symbol {n} = symbol
  • Symbol {n} = sign
  • Symbol {n} = emblem
  • Symbol {n} [Glaubensbekenntnis] = creed
  • Nabla-Symbol {n} <∇> = nabla symbol <∇>
  • Pochhammer-Symbol {n} = Pochhammer symbol
  • Schläfli-Symbol {n} = Schläfli symbol
  • astronomisches Symbol {n} = astronomical symbol
  • Legendre-Symbol {n} = Legendre symbol
  • Jacobi-Symbol {n} = Jacobi symbol
  • Kronecker-Symbol {n} = Kronecker symbol
  • Galois-Symbol {n} = Galois symbol
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He put the yin yang symbol in the middle of the "0" to represent the balance that he found in his life.
  • The entire route in Maryland is also known as the 29th Infantry Division Memorial Highway, and some trailblazer assemblies in the Ellicott City area are marked with the division's distinctive yin-yang symbol.
  • It featured a yin-yang symbol surrounded by four trigrams.
  • In 1964, Humes wrote a paper entitled "Bernoulli's Epitaph" espousing a theory of the shape of the universe as that of a spherical vortex, noting as an aside that a cross-section of a spherical vortex looks like a yin-yang symbol...
  • This was the first 11th-century Chinese text to argue for the inseparability of metaphysics or cosmology and ethics, as well as the first major Chinese text to explore the concept of the taijitu or "yin-yang symbol".

  • The paper used for these stamps had a watermark in the form of a yin-yang symbol.
  • Bohr adopted the yin yang symbol as part of his coat of arms when he was knighted in 1947, it is claimed in the book that it was a result of orientalist influences.
  • Some Buddhist coin charms contain various forms of Taoist symbolism such as the Yin-Yang symbol and Taoist "magic" writing.
  • As the Yin/Yang symbol was used as a defining marker of their works produced as Chelsea Pottery, Hanna adopted the same principles in his paintings.
  • One of his most notable mentalism feats was performed on "Phenomenon (TV series)", where he influenced former Miss USA Shandi Finnessey to draw a yin-yang symbol which he had tattooed on his arm one month prior.

  • The area achieved minor notability in 2014 when satellite imagery revealed that a local farm had shaped one of its fields into a yin-yang symbol.
  • For example, in the yin/yang symbol, there is perpetual motion from black to white indicating that the world is in constant flux.
  • The liner notes also include a yin yang symbol incorporating the Danzig skull, by artist Michael William Kaluta.
  • It is envisioned to ultimately become a visitor attraction with hotels and to eventually take the shape of a yin-yang symbol and be about 266 hectares.
  • Sabàto has several tattoos, including the Batman logo on his lower back and the yin yang symbol surrounded by Chinese characters on his arm.

  • This version was reported in Western literature of the late 19th century as the "Great Monad", and has been widely popularised in Western popular culture as the "yin-yang symbol" since the 1960s.
  • Fodera's "Yin Yang" basses (co-designed by and created for Wooten) incorporates the Yin Yang symbol—which Wooten uses in various media—as a focal point of the top's design and construction.
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