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yuzu [Citrus × junos; Citrus ichangensis × Citrus reticulata var. austera]
Yuzu {f} [Zitrusfrucht]
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  • Yuzu {f} [Zitrusfrucht] = yuzu [Citrus × junos; Citrus ichangensis × Citrus reticulata var. austera]
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  • As a result, yuzu, mikan and other citrus fruits are plentiful on Shikoku and have become synonymous with the regions they are grown in.
  • Another is yuzu juice (柚子ジュース), a product of the Kawane area of Takamiya town in the northeastern part of the city.
  • "Tobiko" is sometimes colored to change its appearance: other natural ingredients are used to accomplish the change, such as squid ink to make it black, "yuzu" to make it pale orange (almost yellow), or even "wasabi" to make it green and spicy.
  • The sudachi was classed within the "Papeda" subgenus in the Swingle scheme, and in the more complicated Tyozaburo Tanaka scheme within the "Eusmocitrus" or true yuzu subgenus, under the "Osmocitrus" or yuzu section.
  • CEO and founder Lin Sheng attributes the company's high prices to the high cost of imported ingredients such as yuzu.

  • The custom of sitting in yuzu baths on the winter solstice originates from the Japanese tradition of adding seasonal plants to bath water for medicinal or therapeutic purposes as well as general enjoyment.
  • Dangyuja has a similar shape and flavour to yuzu, but is genealogically a variety of pomelo.
  • Tom and Dennis chose ume, Romy and Diego chose yuzu, Jaleesa and Justin chose red bean, and Carolyn and Kim chose sesame.
  • She has written two citrus cookbooks, one on Kochi yuzu in 2012, and "A Taste of Kochi Citrus" in 2018, published by the Kochi Representative Office in Singapore.
  • For seasoning, chilli pepper or yuzu are used.

  • Yuzu is first harvested in late fall. It is a yellow fruit that is common around the Mt.
  • A "yuzuquat" is a trigeneric hybrid between a Yuzu lemon ("Citrus ichangensis" x "C. ...
  • In particular, the city is of the leading eggplant and "yuzu" production areas in Japan.
  • In Japan, in order not to catch cold in the winter, there is a custom to soak oneself in a yuzu hot bath ([...] = Yuzuyu).
  • Some recipes may substitute or supplement these with yuzu peel, rapeseed or shiso. Shichimi is distinguished from [...] , which is simply ground red chili pepper.

  • Common additions to the soup include chicken, fish or meatballs; leafy vegetables such as "komatsuna" or spinach; "mitsuba" (a Japanese herb similar to parsley); "kamaboko" such as "naruto" and carrot flakes for colour; and flakes of "yuzu" peel for its citrus fragrance.
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