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NOUN   a z-axis | z-axes
z-Achse {f}
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Übersetzung für 'z-axis' von Englisch nach Deutsch

z-Achse {f}math.
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  • Since the advent of satellite positioning, such coordinate systems are typically geocentric, with the Z-axis aligned to Earth's (conventional or instantaneous) rotation axis.
  • This can be interpreted as a rotation of the time axis into the "z" axis, with an imaginary rotation parameter.
  • Once the "x"- and "y"-axes are specified, they determine the line along which the "z"-axis should lie, but there are two possible orientation for this line.
  • The fifth and final d-orbital consists of three regions of high probability density: a torus in between two pear-shaped regions placed symmetrically on its z axis.
  • By convention, the "x"-axis direction is colored red, the "y"-axis green and the "z"-axis blue.

  • The curl of the vector at any point is given by the rotation of an infinitesimal area in the "xy"-plane (for "z"-axis component of the curl), "zx"-plane (for "y"-axis component of the curl) and "yz"-plane (for "x"-axis component of the curl vector).
  • One of these results was that the z-component of the angular momentum, the classical inclination of an orbit relative to the z-axis, could only take on discrete values, a result which seemed to contradict rotational invariance.
  • represents the angular velocity along the z axis.
  • The "z" axis is defined to be along the axis of the waveguide.
  • Rotation around any axis can be performed by taking a rotation around the "x" axis, followed by a rotation around the "y" axis, and followed by a rotation around the "z" axis.

  • And thus the angular momentum around the z-axis is conserved.
  • This arises because a tiny rotation about the "x"-axis followed by a tiny rotation about the "y"-axis is not the same as reversing the order of these two; they are different, and the difference is a tiny rotation in along the "z"-axis.
  • They depend on the orientation of the Earth's symmetry axis in the inertial space, and, in the general case, affect "all" the Keplerian orbital elements with the exception of the semimajor axis.
  • The TV camera consisted of a vidicon tube, 25 and 100 mm focal length lenses, shutters, color filters, and iris mounted along an axis inclined approximately 16° to the central axis of the spacecraft.
  • In what follows, attention is restricted to simple rotation about an axis of fixed orientation.

  • A computer mouse has two degrees of freedom, namely its movement on the x- and y-axis.
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