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NOUN   Zouave | Zouaves
Zuave {m}
zouave pants {pl} [one pair] [Am.]
Zouave-Hose {f} [auch: Zouavenhose]
Zouave regiments
Zouavenregimenter {pl}
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  • Zouave-Hose {f} [auch: Zouavenhose] = zouaves {pl} [one pair]
  • Zouave-Hose {f} [auch: Zouavenhose] = zouave pants {pl} [one pair] [Am.]
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  • At a 1923 monument dedicated "to the creators of French West Africa and the glory of the Black army" features Paul Ducuing's statues of the "tirailleur" Demba and the "zouave" Dupont.
  • On 23 March, in the Battle of Phu Lam Tao, a force of Chinese regulars and Black Flags surprised and routed a French zouave battalion that had been ordered to scout positions around Hưng Hóa in preparation for Giovanninelli's projected offensive against the Yunnan Army.
  • The Zouave regiment of the Imperial Guard had their distinctive North African style uniforms trimmed in yellow rather than the red of the other three zouave regiments, with yellow instead of blue fez tassels.
  • They wore an americanized zouave uniform which consisted of a dark blue zouave jacket with red trimming, dark blue pantaloons, white gaiters, red fez with a blue tazzle, and a dark blue zouave vest with a red trimming.
  • The 4th Michigan wore a very Americanized zouave uniform.

  • The skirt was draped low in "zouave effect". The front panel was composed of brown mesh lace threaded in gold.
  • Numerous zouave regiments were organized from soldiers of the United States of America who adopted the name and the North African–inspired uniforms during the American Civil War.
  • Queneau performed military service as a "zouave" in Algeria and Morocco during the years 1925–26.
  • Inspired by the United States Zouave Cadets, they drilled according to the zouave manual.
  • In an advertising campaign in the 1960s, Zig-Zag published leaflets with the zouave facing the viewer (much like Uncle Sam) and the caption, "Captain Zig-Zag wants YOU!

  • During his youth he left his father's factory to go to Rome as papal zouave.
  • A detachment of mounted zaptiehs participated in Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 1897, where their fezzes and blue and scarlet zouave-style jackets attracted much attention.
  • They attracted attention, in part because of their scarlet zouave jackets and red tarbushes - a headdress not previously worn by the Indian Army.
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