Translation for '.tm' from English to Bulgarian
Turkmenistan {noun} <.tm>
Туркменистан {м}
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Translation for '.tm' from English to Bulgarian

Turkmenistan {noun} <.tm>
Туркменистан {м}геог.
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  • org/web/20060827113952/
  • Acute TM is rarer than chronic TM and symptoms appear within days of onset. Acute TM degrades muscle fibers rapidly. Due to the rapid degradation of muscle fibers patients usually cite severe muscle cramps and muscle pain. Some acute TM patients may present symptoms of blurred vision and bulging eyes due to eye muscle degradation and inflammation, but documented cases are rare. Acute TM patients usually have very weak respiratory muscles and often severe respiratory failure occurs.
  • Tm is a 32.7 kDa protein composed of 284 amino acids. Tm is a flexible protein homodimer or heterodimer composed of two alpha-helical chains, which adopt a bent coiled coil conformation to wrap around the seven actin molecules in a functional unit of muscle. It is polymerized end to end along the two grooves of actin filaments and provides stability to the filaments. Human striated muscles express protein from the "TPM1" (α-Tm), "TPM2" (β-Tm) and "TPM3" (γ-Tm) genes, with α-Tm being the predominant isoform in striated muscle. In human cardiac muscle the ratio of α-Tm to β-Tm is roughly 5:1.
  • Examples are beside presymplectic and Poisson structures also the graph of a complex structure "J": "TM" → "TM".
  • The TM is a gel-like structure containing 97% water. Its dry weight is composed of collagen (50%), non-collagenous glycoproteins (25%) and proteoglycans (25%). which lack expression of β-tectorin. "In vitro" investigations of the mechanical properties of the TM have demonstrated the ability of isolated sections of TM to support travelling waves at acoustically relevant frequencies. This raises the possibility that the TM may be involved in the longitudinal propagation of energy in the intact cochlea. MIT research correlates the TM with the ability of the human ear to hear faint noises.

  • CSD is not a trade body/association and functions as a learned society. Membership in the Society is awarded to qualified designers who demonstrate competence against CPSK (TM) (Creativity, Professionalism, Skills and Knowledge). Members are identified using the post-nominal letters, MCSD (TM) or FCSD (TM) (indicating Member or Fellow, respectively).
  • Other named folders include ones for automatic consultation within the program: /tm/ for existing translation pairs in .tmx format, /tm/auto/ for automatic translation of 100% matches, /glossary/ for glossaries, /dictionary/ for StarDict (and .tbx) dictionaries.
  • EnergyML(tm) is the foundation for consistency and interoperability among all Energistics data transfer families of standards, including besides the WITSML Standards, PRODML(tm) for production and RESQML(tm) for reservoir characterization.
  • TM (formerly known as Islacom, Touch Mobile, and Republika ng TM and also known as TM Tambayan) is a Filipino cellular service brand of Filipino telecommunications company Globe Telecom.
  • With the reconsolidation of TM's businesses in August 2017, TM's three customer-focused clusters are unifi, TM ONE and TM GLOBAL.

  • TM International provided worldwide distribution of the products of the TM Companies.
  • .tm is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Turkmenistan. It is operated by Internet Computer Bureau.
  • During the establishment of the minefield, cassettes holding four mines of the TM-52, TM-57, TM-62, TM-62PZ or TM-89 types with contact and proximity fuses are fed to the issuing mechanism and further on a release conveyor with a mechanism for transferring mines to a firing position. The plow device with reversed discharges makes it possible to bury and mask mines.
  • He was selected as a cosmonaut on March 23, 1978, and retired on May 30, 1997. During his active career he had been Commander of Soyuz TM-3, Soyuz TM-8, Soyuz TM-14 and Soyuz TM-20. He has spent a total of 489 days in space.
  • Roth learned TM at the Berkeley TM Center in 1969.

  • Four of the Black Sea submarines ("CB-1", "CB-2", "CB-3" and "CB-4") were captured by Soviet forces in August 1944 and commissioned on 20 October as "TM-4", "TM-5", "TM-6" and "TM-7". They were stricken on 16 February 1945 and subsequently scrapped.
  • Thulium has two major allotropes: the tetragonal α-Tm and the more stable hexagonal β-Tm.
  • On May 5, Gidzenko returned to Earth on board the Soyuz TM-33 spacecraft. Soyuz TM-33 undocked from the "Pirs" Docking Compartment and landed 26 km south east of Arkalyk at 03:51:53 UTC. On board Soyuz TM-33/TM-34 and the ISS, Gidzenko logged 9 days in space.
  • Merbold and Reiter flew on EuroMir 94 (Soyuz TM-20/Soyuz TM-19) and EuroMir 95 (Soyuz TM-22), respectively. During Reiter's mission, he performed two spacewalks.
  • The visiting EP-2 crew returned to Earth about a week later in the spacecraft Soyuz TM-4, leaving TM-5 as the station's lifeboat.

  • Cochlin has been identified in the trabecular meshwork (TM) of glaucoma patients, but not in healthy controls. The TM is a filter like area of tissue in the eye; cochlin may have a role in cell adhesion, mechanosensation, and modulation of the TM filter.
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