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NOUN   a dowser | dowsers
SYNO divining rod | dowser | dowsing rod | ...
dowser {noun}
радиестезист {м}
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Translation for 'dowser' from English to Bulgarian

dowser {noun}
радиестезист {м}езо.
Usage Examples English
  • The municipality has numerous colorful characters, from local political leaders and potentates to Varpu-Viljami (local dowser) and Mohammed al-Zomal (Somalian refugee), nicknamed "Mukku" after his pronunciation of the Finnish word "muikkukukko".
  • A. Frank Glahn (1865–1941), was a German mysticist, Germanic revivalist and most notably a pendulum dowser. He was used by the German military in the Third Reich, not necessarily willingly.
  • Hellmut Wolff (30 March 1906 – 22 March 1986), was a German academic, mystic, Germanic revivalist, and most notably a Pendulum dowser. He was used by the German military during the Third Reich.
  • Ludwig Straniak (1879-1951), was a German mystic, Germanic revivalist and most notably a pendulum dowser.
  • Egyptian physician and dowser Khalil Messiha has speculated that the ancient Egyptians developed the first aircraft.
  • In 1970 a dowser named Major-General Scott-Elliott was exploring the cemetery and uncovered a single urn about 40 metres west of the garden.
  • The dowser and archaeologist T. C. Lethbridge claimed to have found some ancient hill figures buried in the chalk under the surface of the hills.
  • He concluded that the ideomotor response was responsible for the movement of the rod but in some cases the dowser's unconscious could pick up information by clairvoyance.
  • Hergé himself was a believer in the subject: dowser Victor Mertens had used a pendulum to find the lost wedding ring of Hergé's wife in October 1939.
  • Joseph Cecil Maby (1902-1971) was a British biophysicist, dowser and psychical researcher.
  • Henry Gross (1895–1979) was an American game warden and dowser.
  • Waugh noted that, although he had no great interest in the subject, he lived in a house which had a well sunk through 70 ft (21 m) of rock on nothing more than the advice of a dowser.
  • Leszek Matela (born 15 April 1955) is a Polish journalist, a dowser, expert of feng shui and geomancy, teacher of suggestopedia, a researcher of the Wawel Chakra, and many Earth mysteries.
  • (He is a dowser, able to sense other epics). Against the better judgment of the other Reckoners, David agrees to an alliance with him.
  • According to Polish geomant and dowser Leszek Matela, there is unusual radiation there, both cosmic and terrestrial, emanated by subterrainian water veins ascending towards the chapel.
  • The book references the decagon theory of John Michell, and describes how John Gibson-Forty, a dowser, followed each of the 10 ley lines from their centre at Whiteleaved Oak that form the decagon.
  • John Francis Hitching (1933–2018) was a British author, dowser, journalist and filmmaker.
  • The searchers went so far as to bring in a dowser and a witch from Somerset County.
  • Wing Commander Clive Vernon Beadon [...] (15 April 1919 – 14 September 1996) was a British dowser, diplomat, and officer in the Royal Air Force.
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